Stop typing, these iOS apps turn your voice into text — 2022

One of the greatest contributions that technology has made to society is the possibility of communicating more and better, putting on the table many facilities to carry out a number of actions. One of these facilities is voice transcription, that is, converting audio into text. For this reason, in this post we want to talk about certain applications that will help you convert sound into written text.

What should you look for when choosing the app

If you are looking for an application that will help you transcribe the audio of an interview, a meeting, a conversation or you simply want to have an app that makes it easier for you to write text through dictation, you have to take into account a series of points that will make the difference when choosing one application or another. Here is a list of the main factors that you have to assess when using a transcription application.

  • The number and variety of languages that supports.
  • He is able to later translate the text into another language ?
  • sync with iCloud and other cloud storage services.
  • compatibility with iPhone Y iPad .
  • Intuitive and attractive interface.
  • Operation without having Internet connection .
  • Access to the different recordings.
  • possibility of edit the text resulting.
  • Have a good level of transcription even when he speaks very fast.

Do you want something simple? These apps are for you

You may not want to complicate your life with a feature-laden app and all you are looking for is a simple app that allows you to transcribe audio files to text. If that is your case, here is a series of applications that perfectly fulfill their mission.



The name of this application leaves no room for doubt about the service that it is capable of giving the user. To do this, what it does is make use of artificial intelligence to convert all the audio files into text so that you can use them wherever you want. You can get the audio from the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, as well as import the file directly.

Obviously it has the function of live voice dictation, you do not need to have an internet connection to be able to make use of it, something that on some occasions can be a great advantage and relief. You also have the possibility to change transcription language as well as editing the resulting text in case you have or want to modify any word or expression.

Transcriptor Transcriptor Descargar QR-Code Transcriptor Developer: Binaries Lab



With SpeechNotes+ what you can do is both record, play, and, obviously, transform all your voice notes into text very easily. It is an application designed to record and transcribe interviews, meetings, conferences, podcasts, as well as other voice notes. It stands out mainly for the enormous precision it has when it comes to transforming audio into written text .

The operation is very simple, you just have to hit the record button to start collecting all the audio of the conversation so that, later, and once you have all the sound file that you want to transcribe, by choosing this option, the application will transform said audio file into text quickly.

SpeechNotes+ SpeechNotes+ Descargar QR-Code SpeechNotes+ Developer: Nicolae Gherasim

Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder

It is a recorder and transcriptionist that has all the necessary equipment to offer a really professional result . The operating process of this app consists of, first, you record the audio document that you want to transcribe, once you have it ready, all you have to do is order the transcription within the app. On the other hand, if you don't have to save the file because you already have it ready, you just have to import it to be able to transform it into text.

Another point in favor of this application is Easy to use that is, it has a very large recording button, a main screen with the entire list of created recordings where you can easily play them. It also has the possibility of background recording and playback , something really useful on many occasions.

Smart Recorder Smart Recorder Descargar QR-Code Smart Recorder Developer: Roe Mobile Development

Just Press Record

Just Press Record

It is the best application to record audio that, moreover, as it could not be otherwise since it is in this compilation, it also offers, firstly, the transcription of audio to text, and secondly, total synchronization with iCloud within the reach of a single click . In addition, you will also have the possibility to edit your audios and transcripts from the application itself.

Count with one fantastic widget that you can place on the home screen of your iPhone and with which you will have quick access to both your different recordings and to start a new recording to be able to transcribe it later. Without a doubt, this is a real advantage since at any time you can start a recording with the certainty that when you finish it you can easily convert it to text.

Just Press Record Just Press Record Descargar QR-Code Just Press Record Developer: Open Planet Software

These apps raise the level of transcripts more

We are now going to talk about a series of apps that add very interesting functions when it comes to transcribing audio files into written text. Ideal for all those who want or need somewhat more sophisticated functions for more demanding tasks.

Voice dictation – Speechy Lite

Voice dictation - Speechy Lite

Speechy is one of the best applications that you can find in the App Store for transform all the audio you want into digital text . It is the most powerful and real-time solution, for which it is based on the artificial intelligence and in its powerful voice recognition engine to be able to transcribe all the sound into text.

But beware, transcription is not the only thing you can do with Speechy, since it also provides you with tools to record audio simultaneously , something that comes in handy to be able to corroborate later that the transcription has been done correctly. You can save all the content you want, as well as edit the transcribed text at any time, it even provides the possibility of translate the text into other languages .

Voice dictation - Speechy Lite Voice dictation - Speechy Lite Descargar QR-Code Voice dictation - Speechy Lite Developer: JIHUA ZHENG

Call Recording by NoNotes


This application is somewhat different from the ones described above. In addition, the name itself makes it very clear what it is for and that is that, with Call Recording By NoNotes, what you can do is record phone calls and transcribe them to texts to have them in this format and thus be able to save them with your documents. For its operation you just have to enter your phone number and an email address that will be where you will get the recordings.

This application comes in handy for digital media that want to publish written interviews made through phone calls. In addition, all the contents of this app can be easily saved in any cloud storage service.

Call Recording by NoNotes Call Recording by NoNotes Descargar QR-Code Call Recording by NoNotes Developer: NoNotes Inc.

Audio Memos SE


Do you want to record yourself while you speak and then have it all in written text? Well, with Audio Memos SE you can do it in the most easy and intuitive of the world thanks to its interface. But beware, that does not mean that you do not also have the more advanced features to be able to amplify the volume, normalize it and many other features that will come in handy to obtain the best possible result.

It has recordings of up to 44100 Hz, professional quality volume normalization filter, which allows a constant average listening volume in a recording, with the absolute peace of mind and security that the use of this filter will not modify the recording at any time. .

Audio Memos SE Audio Memos SE Descargar QR-Code Audio Memos SE Developer: Imesart S.a.r.l.

Dictate Pro – Speech to Text

Dictate Pro

With this application you'll be able to dictate, record, translate and later transcribe the text, so you'll save yourself the entire process of having to manually write the audio file. To do this, it uses the most advanced voice recognition technology, with the main and sole objective of being able to correctly transcribe everything collected.

It has over 40 languages ​​available , so it will be rare if the one you want to use is not available, both to speak and to transcribe later. All files, both audio recordings and transcripts, are stored in the native Files app on your iPhone or iPad.

Dictate Pro - Speech to Text Dictate Pro - Speech to Text Descargar QR-Code Dictate Pro - Speech to Text Developer: Christian Neubauer

Transcribe Speech -> Text

Transcribe Discursos ->Text

This application has been designed and developed to become your personal assistant to be able to transcribe both audio and video files , something that, without a doubt, is really useful. To do this, what he does is use artificial intelligence technologies that are practically instantaneous. In this way it is able to offer easy-to-read quality transcripts at the touch of a button.

The possibility of transcribing the texts is compatible with more than 120 languages ​​and dialects . Of course, if what you want is to transform an audio file that you have already recorded into text, you can easily import it into the application, in the same way that, once you have completed the whole process, you can export the text without formatting to the application what you want

Transcribe Discursos ->Text Transcribe Discursos ->  <a rel=Descargar QR-Code Transcribe Speeches -> Text Developer: DENIVIP

Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes

Transcribe Speeches -img src=

With this application you will be able to record and take notes of all the meetings you hold in real time , in this way you only have to be focused on the call itself, since Otter will take care of the rest. All this using different artificial intelligence technologies.

Of course, within the application you will have the possibility to edit the transcripts that you have done, as well as inviting other users to do the same, that is, you can make use of collaborative work. In addition, another very interesting function is that you can provide live subtitles for people who are deaf or hard of hearing while the meeting is taking place so that everyone can know what is being discussed at the meeting.

Otter Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes Descargar QR-Code Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes Developer:, Inc.

The best choice? This is our recommendation

Whenever we make this type of compilation of applications focused on a specific use, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we like to share which is our favorite application, this being something completely subjective. First of all, if what you're looking for is a simple application that doesn't have any complications when using it, our recommendation is Just Press Record because it is really simple to use, intuitive and also has the possibility of using its widget, something that makes things even easier.

On the other hand, if you need something more advanced with functions that allow you to do practically anything with the collected audio, our recommendation is Transcribe Speech -> Text since you will be able to obtain the text from both the audio and video files. It also supports up to 120 languages ​​and dialects.