STOP gossips! Protect Mac folders with password — 2022

We all have files that we prefer not to be seen by anyone. Putting these in folders with strange names and in a very lost location is a halfway decent solution, but the truth is that you do not need to do any of this at all. It is possible to make these folders password-protected so that only you can have access, so in this article we tell you how you can encrypt a folder with a password on macOS.

Create encrypted folder on macOS

The native Disk Utility application may be familiar to you if you have ever restored a hard drive or the computer itself. But this is not the only function it has. It can also be used to create new folder images, something used to create folders with a password . In order to carry out this process, you simply have to follow the following steps:

Create Mac folder password

  • open the app Disk Utility .
  • In the upper toolbar follow the path File > New Image > Folder Image.
  • Choose the folder to encrypt.
  • Enter the name of the folder that you are going to create encrypted and the labels that will help you track it.
  • Choose the location of the folder, defaulting to the desktop. Through the drop-down menu you can modify it.
  • Choose the encryption which you want to apply.
  • Enter the password what you want
  • Click on Save.

As always, you must be very careful with the password that you are going to enter to encrypt the folder. In any case, different brute force systems can be used to find the password. In order to make it more difficult for those people who want to attack your privacy, you must use alphanumeric combinations with signs and capital letters. But beware, you must remember the password that you are going to put in since if you forget it there is no way to recover it. By this we mean that if you forget the password there will be no way to access the information and you will lose it. As we have mentioned, different encryption systems are offered, being the most recommended AES de 128 bits. This is a system that guarantees you everything you need to have the peace of mind that your data will be safe.

Open encrypted folder on macOS

macOS folder password

Once the previous process is finished, you will be able to observe that a .dmg file and not a normal folder. This type of file might be familiar to you because it's the same file that third-party applications use to install themselves on your Mac, with a hard drive icon. This executable file is your encrypted folder that you can click on and it will automatically ask you for the password. The process that is carried out is very simple, since the unit that you have created is simply mounted to be able to manipulate it as if it were a storage unit.

Once you no longer need to access this information, you can unmount the drive by right-clicking on the .dmg file and unmounting it. It is important to mount and unmount the unit since this is the only way to ask for the password. In this way, no one outside of you will be able to access the files in the folder if you weren't there when you left the computer on. You can freely move this .dmg file through any system folder, although it is important not to put it on a pendrive to run it in Windows, for example. This is a process that is only limited to macOS since it is the only one that recognizes this type of extension.

Encrypt folders with third-party apps



In addition to this native functionality of the operating system, in the Mac App Store you can also find quality applications to be able to perform a secure encryption of files and folders. For example, Encrypto is one of the highest rated apps on the Store and is extremely easy to use. Offers protection AES-256 to guarantee you the peace of mind you need to encrypt all your files. Being multiplatform allows you to send files or folders in a comfortable way to another person without the fear that they will not be able to execute it. This is much better than the native macOS system that, as we have previously mentioned, only allows the execution of the file in the Mac operating system.

This is a highly recommended application and it is free. It is endorsed by MacPawn which offers much more peace of mind. Above all, it stands out for the ability to easily share documents via mail or AirDrop between different teams and with friends.

Encrypto: Secure Your Files Descargar QR-Code Encrypto: Secure Your Files Developer: MacPaw Inc.

Espionage 3


Another of the applications that can be found on the net that complies with what is requested is Espionage3. Although the name may indicate that your documents are going to be spied on, it is quite the opposite. Integrates seamlessly with Spotlight and adds multiple layers of protection by also integrating with Filevaut. It uses 256-bit AES encryption to offer the best levels of security available. The fact of encrypting files with this app is really simple since you will have a direct access from the toolbar to be able to choose the file or folder that you want to encrypt.

A very good option if you want to have your files protected in a simple and fast way, with the certainty that you are not going to have any problem with this app. The highlight of this tool is that you can set different conditions to lock or unlock any app or folder. For example, you can lock a folder or an app when you close that folder's app or window.

Download Espionage3


It is an application with which you will be able to protect your Mac folders and files very quickly and easily. In just two steps you will be able to put a password on folders and files that you also have in the cloud, such as in DropBox or in your account. email. One of its features has the ability to put military encryption , which will make it much more difficult for someone to access your files. In addition, it has a type of security that protects your data in case of physical theft of your Mac.

In just two simple steps you can be sure that you have protected your folders so that no one has access to them. Using 128 or 256-bit AES encryption algorithms, this app becomes one of the most powerful on the scene and a good option to keep your documents protected.



It is an app with which you will not be able to see the files unless you access them from the application itself. One of the advantages of this application is that it has a system with which if someone tries to access your folders and enters the wrong password several times, the system will be blocked. Apart from that, it allows you to delete very old files permanently. One of the things to improve about this application is that it is somewhat slow when encrypting.

In addition to these features, it gives you the option of automatic backup so that you can add an extra layer of security to your existing files. These are some of the applications best known to Mac users, in part thanks to their different layers of security.