Steps to check if some AirPods are fake or real — 2022

AirPods have undoubtedly become over time the best wireless headphones we can buy. This has caused counterfeits to abound in the market and if we are unlucky they may try to sell us a counterfeit unit, but under the pretext that it is original. In this article we explain how you can check if the AirPods that you are going to buy or that you already have in your possession are original or not.

Basic checks you should perform

There are a series of tips and steps to follow that we consider to be the first to be taken into account when verifying the authenticity of AirPods. It is clear that not all those that are sold out there are fake, but first we must tell you that distrust should be your main ally in any type of purchase that does not come from a verified trusted place.

Be wary of impossible offers


Without a doubt, the price is one of the most striking aspects of counterfeit AirPods. They are usually sold for much less money and that in a certain way is attractive for the consumer, although it should also be a key point with which to doubt the authenticity of the product. This is why you should always be wary of those offers that seem impossible and that are not made in trusted stores.

One of the most controversial sites where we see more counterfeit AirPods on Wallapop and other similar apps and websites for buying and selling second-hand items. It is in them where we can usually find ridiculous prices compared to the official This is why it is always advisable to make purchases in trusted stores, and if you go to this type of service, it is important to use the secure payment systems that these online stores offer us. This way you can get a refund if they are found to be fake.

Check the AirPods box

Although counterfeits are increasingly successful in order to deceive customers, the truth is that there are very characteristic details of these fake products. One of them is found in the AirPods box packaging itself. Normally the counterfeits that are sealed have a poor quality plastic and totally irregular especially at the bottom. If your AirPods have this type of plastic with irregular edges, you should certainly start to be suspicious, since the plastic that surrounds the original AirPods is totally smooth no irregularities.

Another aspect that we can check on the box is the label. Many of the boxes that keep fake AirPods are very similar, with the same design on the sides and on the front with the silhouette of the headphones. But where it is possible that it 'fails' is in the label that we find on one of the sides. In the case of original Apple AirPods always leave an empty hole in the upper left corner of the side. But this does not happen in fakes since it is almost always a question of filling with many labels and some even in Chinese.

The quality is not the same in the fake

AirPods are probably not the best headphones materials of the market, but they are very careful in this regard and if you notice that the ones you have do not comply with this, it is already a compelling reason to distrust. Also the plastics that surround the headphones when they are new or the box itself are an indication of this. Seeing poor quality even in those aspects is also a red flag.

The size of the earphones and the case is also an indication of the less successful counterfeits. If you have an acquaintance with some original AirPods, you could compare both in hand, checking not only this aspect but also others such as the aforementioned construction materials or sound quality.

As to sound we can also find considerable differences. If you notice that the audio quality is poor, that it sounds canned or any other strange circumstance, you should be suspicious. Although it is true that some original AirPods could be defective and have faults in this aspect, it is not common and even less so if the seller is not responsible.

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Check noise cancellation

One feature that has been found on numerous AirPods is noise cancellation. This is very useful for users who seek to achieve acoustic insulation to achieve a better experience. It is a fact that we are facing a technology that is quite replicable in counterfeits, and that is why it becomes an important point to take into account in order to distinguish models that are counterfeit. Before carrying out the verification, it is important to do the test with an original model. Whether it's a friend's headphones, or the sample they offer at the Apple Store.

In this case, it is important to put on the AirPods to be able to check the operation of the noise cancellation. It must be activated through the menu that is integrated into the operating system. It is important that these options are searched if you have AirPods Pro. These are accessed directly by long pressing the volume control in the control center. Here you will see the possibility to activate noise cancellation or ambient mode. If they don't show up, or if they don't work properly, you're going to have to choose to think they're counterfeit units.

Other key aspects to check

Apart from the first tips that we have previously discussed, there are also other ways to verify that the headphones are fake. In fact, the first one that we are going to show you could be decisive, although not the only one. If after these other checks that we will show you you still have doubts, it is most likely that they are not original AirPods.

Check the serial number on the Apple website

If you have already bought the headphones and suspect that they are fake, you should know that Apple makes available to customers a space on your website where you can enter the serial number of a device to check support status . This is a tool that can help us to see if the AirPods serial number is recognized by the system as authentic.

To find the serial number of the AirPods you can examine the box itself and look at the sticker on the right side. It is on that sticker that you will see the serial number above the barcode. If you don't have that box, you'll have to open the AirPods case and look inside its cover, since that number is there too, although you'll probably need a magnifying glass or some other item to help you see the code better. be of a very small size and almost negligible in color.

When entering the serial number on the aforementioned website, if it is recognized, an image of the AirPods and the information regarding the guarantee will appear. It is possible to get an error reporting a problem on the purchase date of the product. This can occur when the AirPods have not been purchased from Apple or have been replaced. It is important to update this information with the invoice in hand in order to have the corresponding guarantee, if it still corresponds to it.

If you were told that he serial number does not exist is that they really are fake headphones and therefore you will not need to investigate further. However, if he gives you some information, do not trust one hundred percent either, since the forger could have used a real serial number with which to mislead the buyer and circumvent this authentication method.

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Do not trust the animation of the iPhone

Something very characteristic of Apple AirPods is that when you open the case, an animation appears on the iPhone indicating a series of steps to follow to configure them. Although at first it is possible to think that this animation would not appear in a fake copy, the truth is that it could. There are counterfeits that have really worked in this sense and thanks to the configuration of the chip that they incorporate, it is possible to obtain the same message. Therefore, do not trust this signal to verify that they are authentic, because in many cases it will not be absolute proof.

However, if the animation does not appear Don't give it too much importance either. Although it should always appear, the truth is that even in original Apple headphones there are times when this animation does not appear. That is why we definitely discard this check as an effective system with which to detect that the headphones are fake.

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Check the charge of the case

Something that you should also take into account when confirming or denying that the headphones are fake is regarding charging. If they have wireless charging by the case , it is advisable that you check it if you have such a base. The 1st generation AirPods don't have this charge, nor does one of the AirPods 2 versions, as Apple sells two versions of those. In the case of the AirPods Pro, it would be striking because they are the only ones that are one hundred percent sure that they should have this compatibility.

AirPods charging battery

It is also important that check the lightning connector of the case. If it is any other standard such as MiniUSB, MicroUSB or even USB-C, one hundred percent you will be facing Fake AirPods. Now, even if they have Lightning, this is not always original, so you should verify that it is authentic and insert original cables that you have of this standard to see if they fit well and also charge.

Check in the Apple Store

Another option that arises to make sure completely, is to consult with the employees of the Apple Store. In this way, they will be able to consult the serial number in their systems directly. Here they can quickly inform you if it is a fake model or not without any kind of charge. In addition, they will be able to advise you on all the steps to follow in the event that you have been sold fake AirPods. Likewise, this is the most reliable method to be able to clear up any doubts regarding the purchase you have made.

What to do if the AirPods are fake

If after carrying out these verification procedures you have detected that the AirPods you have are fake or at least there are many indications of it, there are several channels that are open to you in this regard. On the one hand, if you bought them in a store , you should contact them and if possible in person. If it is an online store, you will have no choice but to do it via email or by phone). They are usually the first to be surprised, since we understand that there is no bad faith on the part of professional companies.

Try to communicate correctly and politely what happened, attaching the invoice or purchase receipt, as well as the headphones. Do not take too long to do it, since in the end it can play against you. As soon as you have detected it, report it so that they can investigate it. We do not know if they will give you original AirPods, a refund or if they could even give you compensation, since in the end it depends on the commercial policy of each establishment.

Yes it was a private purchase You should tell them the same way. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams out there and you could fall victim to one, but again we emphasize seeking good faith and trying to tell the seller in a polite way. If the purchase was made through a platform such as Wallapop or similar, it would be convenient that you also notify them so that they have proof of it.

reached the point where do not take responsibility , either in a store or an individual, you should take more severe measures such as file a complaint before the competent authorities. That is, both to consumer organizations in the event that it is a store, and in a police station. Unfortunately, the process could take longer than you would like, but you will have no other choice. In the event that it is a store, you have everything to gain, since in the end their responsibility is greater than that of an individual and if you prove to be right they could face very important problems.