Steam for Mac is updated with performance improvements — 2022

Steam has received a new update today becoming a 64-bit application, something that all developers need to do before the arrival of macOS Mojave. As of autumn, all applications for our Macs must be 64-bit, otherwise they will not be able to work in Mojave, something very similar to what happened with the arrival of iOS 11 on our mobile devices.

Steam is updated by making the jump to 64 bits

According to a thread that has been opened on Reddit this jump to 64 bits It has significantly improved the performance of the application, making the interface much more responsive and making both the program and the games run better, something that did not happen in the 32-bit version.

Along with this performance improvement, Valve wanted to implement a new chat system that includes voice communication, making communication in a group of friends much more fluid. This functionality has clearly come to Steam for faceDiscordwhich in recent months has grown significantly in the number of active users. Also, re-Yosemite window buttons have been incorporated. These performance changes are also focused when it comes toplay Steam games on iPhone and iPad.

Steam's design still has a lot to improve, since It seems that it is an application of the last century, something incomprehensible in the year 2018. We hope that in these months the Steam developers are working on a complete renovation of the app interface, because it is very unintuitive and for Mac users it performs quite poorly, although we believe that this jump to 64 bits slightly solves this problem.

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