Start an online project or business taking advantage of your Apple ecosystem — 2022

Starting an online project or business may seem complicated and where we have to make a large investment. The latter is wrong, since taking advantage of the resources we have in our ecosystem , the investment can be practically zero. You really can set up your online project or even your own business taking advantage of the ecosystem that has cost you so much to have, hence it is not an expense, on the contrary, it is a investment .

It may seem like a dream to get to work for you with your own ecosystem. This is an idea that can get out of hand, but it is not. It is not an easy road, but having the right tools, and above all, having a constancy It will help us meet our goal.

Make the most of the capacity of your ecosystem

Operations Center Ricky Screen Mac

Every time we have an idea for a project or business, we always go beyond our expectations. For example, a YouTube channel, who has not thought, If I had one of those cameras I could do it too, if I had that Mac with Final Cut, if I had….

Let's face it, we spend a fortune on an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac and in most cases, we don't give it that extra value to start a project because we lack things. Let me tell you that you have everything you need in the palm of your hand to start your own project or online business.

Many of the entrepreneurs have not had an easy path, nor they have the highest technology in its beginnings to arrive where they have arrived. Now, in these times, we have the opportunity to pave the way from anywhere with devices that we already have at home.

Each device has interesting features

apple desk

For example, Apple has always emphasized the good quality of your cameras (I don't care about comparisons with other terminals, there will always be one that outperforms another). Well, take advantage of that camera that is integrated into your iPhone, it is not necessary to invest in a camera as such to make extraordinary videos, at least in the beginning.

In Mac we have (also on iOS) iMovie, a basic video editor but with a lot of potential, let's face it, we're not a blockbuster, we want to entertain, show something, upload content of interest. But we have even seen documentaries where they have won international awards.

you just have to give rein to the imagination and take advantage of the details it offers us, without having to resort to other professional apps (which are usually too big for us), we insist again, at least initially. Obviously, not only to edit lives on the Mac, it is only a graphic example if we refer to a YouTube channel or exclusive video projects.

With the iPad the same thing happens, we already talked about its use, it is not good for everything, but neither is a computer, so each one has its pros and cons. We already have an iPad with a number of incredible applications, many free, others with a fairly affordable price, we just have to find the one that can meet our expectations.

All this is a Little summary of the capabilities of each of the devices, of course, there are many more that we can delve into, but it is simply to give us an idea. Not to mention the potential of each device within the Apple ecosystem, features like Handoff further enhance the experience when working with Apple devices.

Jona Boluda

Some time ago, we interview Joan Boluda , a successful entrepreneur where he started his work exclusively from a MacBook Air and EarPods headphones to produce your podcast. Currently, it has been upgraded to MacBook Pro without Touch Bar.

But all his company and courses, he managed them from a MacBook Air, he had his own office on a Mac. He didn't need anything else, he just took advantage of the resources that Apple offered on their devices, in addition to using other apps to improve some aspects.

His podcast is number one on Finance on Apple Podcast , few can imagine that the only microphone he uses are the EarPods and free software to edit the audio.

Namely, did not have to make a subsequent investment to the purchase of the MacBook Air to start and improve his business, he simply took advantage of the available resources, by the way, with a spectacular result.

A YouTube channel like Apple5x1

In our case, it is true that we already use more professional cameras, but in the beginning and from time to time, we continue using the camera of our iPhone. This allows us to continue taking advantage of the resources that Apple offers us to continue demonstrating that it is possible to make quality videos, in addition to using native apps to write scripts.

Despite the fact that we now have dedicated cameras for it, the beginnings were with the equipment that we had at home, little by little we climbed on YouTube until we surpassed the half a million followers .

we used a free program like iMovie , because we didn't need anything else at that time. Little by little, from Fernando del Moral's room, the canal began to be forged until today, all with a minimal investment. But we still find some channels where they upload recorded and edited content from an iPhone or iPad.

A commercial as Bentley, shot on an iPhone and edited on an iPad

This luxury car brand did something interesting to promote its new vehicle. They recorded and edited the ad with a iPhone 5s and an iPad Air to show the cabin features of your new car.

The ad was edited from an iPad integrated into the vehicle interior , while the main camera was an iPhone 5s with some accessories, the end result was simply spectacular.

At the end of the commercial, they show us how the process of video recording and editing , something that will surprise you, especially seeing before the result of it made from an Apple ecosystem.

Podcast from an iPod touch or an iPhone

As in the case of Boluda, there are a number of podcasters who started their projects with the only tool they had available at the time, a iPhone, iPod, or iPad .

The headphones that come standard, the EarPods , they are extraordinary headphones, they offer good sound quality, as well as quite powerful noise cancellation. The latter is appreciated to make recordings on the move.

Some podcasters still use these headphones to continue broadcasting the episodes. Thanks to the applications that we found in the App Store , we even have the opportunity to broadcast live and chat with listeners from anywhere.

Although we usually improve the study, we found that once again, the investment with an Apple device it is guaranteed to start our audio project, because I insist, it must be seen as an investment if we want to start our own project.

An iPad is perfect for your blog

Begin your own blog It has to be something simple, that doesn't distract you from your main activity, writing. There are applications that help us with a zen writing, with a minimalist environment and in most cases, free. Thanks iPad, we can be inspired from anywhere, it is not necessary to be between four walls.

The iPad next to a good keyboard , becomes an interesting tool to carry out our blog project, either professional or personal . Its extensive battery will make us forget the cables.

We have a chance to have a connection Internal LTE or sharing the data from our phone, so there is no need to look for a WiFi signal to publish some current news or our useful text.

En Apple5x1, most of our posts are written and published from an iPad , from different places, be it a park or the terrace of any cafeteria, taking advantage of the mobility of the iPad and a different environment every day.

In summary, taking your project or business online may be possible simply by taking advantage of the resources that your devices offer you, it is not necessary to incur more expenses, because you have already made an investment when creating your own ecosystem . Now you just need to develop your idea and have perseverance.

Have you started a project using only your own devices from your ecosystem?