Stardew Valley is updated on iOS with necessary news — 2022

Stardew Valley, the award-winning farming role-playing game in which you can create your own farm and defend yourself against enemies, has been updated in the last few hours in its iOS versions for both iPhone and iPad. Among its innovations stands out the incorporation of a virtual joystick that will delight your players.

Stardew Valley incorporates great news

Stardew Valley is a paid game for iOS, but it is worth its price, since it is v rated 4.3 stars on the App Store and has been awarded the Breaking Game of the Golden Joystick Awards and was nominated in 2017 at the BAFTA Game Awards . Undoubtedly awards that were deserved for one of thebest farm games for macand also iPhone as it is in this case.

The novelties included in its latest update are basically bug fixes and visual improvements as well as new options to add a joystick virtual o invisible and the option to add a action/attack button . Also included is a tool joypad adjustment which will allow the player to customize their on-screen controls. Now it has also been enabled support for iPhone Bluetooth drivers .

Another improvement included in the update is the auto attack function when you find yourself facing the enemy and the possibility of more easily fleeing from monsters in dangerous situations for your character.

Stardew Valley iPad

Stardew Valley is also available on iPad

One of the most applauded novelties is the auto save function which allows you to continue the game where you left off without worrying about having to go to preferences and save. The complete note that the developers corresponding to this update have made public is the following:

New control system options and improvements:
– Virtual joystick, invisible joystick options.
– Action / attack button option.
– Auto Attack: Targeting has been improved to always engage the closest enemy.
– Joypad adjustment tool – complete customization of your on-screen controls.
– MFi driver support.
– Slide the toolbar up and down to access the entire inventory.
– Stability improvements particularly in mines.
– The game is automatically saved so you can continue where you left off, even if you kill the app or the device downloads it *
– The game saves the optional backup every time you leave an area.
– Other bug fixes.
* Does not save during festivals / cutscenes. Only end of day saves can be loaded from other platforms.

Since October 23, Stardew Valley also allows you to fight monsters in order to earn money, mine minerals, meet people, fish, and participate in social activities in the city. Thanks to the system that it includes, it can be said that within Stardew Valley there is a goodfishing game for iPhone or iPad.

Without a doubt, Stardew Valley is one of the most groundbreaking games of the moment and confirms it with this update. So if you don't have it yet you can download it here . We remind you that it does not include more payments than the initial one as it does not incorporate purchases within the app.

If you want to know more about this game, we recommend you read the review we did last month in La Manzana Mordida.