Spotify officially arrives on Apple Watch — 2022

A few weeks ago we talked about how Spotify was going to return to the Apple Watch very soon as they opened a beta version to be able to check the operation of this service on the Apple smart watch. It seems that this beta has gone quite a bit since Today a new version of Spotify has been released on the App Store which includes this support.

Spotify is back on the Apple Watch

this update It can be installed by all users without the need to be in any beta program. Once you install this latest version, the 8.4.79 , on your iPhone the Spotify icon will appear on the Apple Watch that you have linked immediately, as long as you allow all apps from your iPhone to be installed on your watch.

watchOS Spotify

The update notes note that this is a first version for the Apple Watch, so it does not have all the functions that it will offer us when a few updates pass.

for now we can only control the iPhone app, choose a specific playlist and select the audio output device which can be our own iPhone or external speakers. We can appreciate that we do not have the possibility to play music offline previously downloading our playlist, although according to the company itself it will arrive soon.

This last function that we discussed about being able to play music independently from the iPhone is something that is quite necessary and that we hope will end up arriving in the coming weeks. This function will allow us to leave the iPhone in our house,connect the AirPods to the watch and play our music while we exercise without depending on the mobile phone, just like we have in Apple Music.

It is clear that third-party applications are returning to the Apple Watch , since now the operating system is much more efficient and attractive for the developer. Currently there are few applications that get caught when trying to open them, for example, something that we appreciate and that is partly the responsibility of the software and also of the new hardware.