Spotify or Apple Music, which has more paying subscribers? we tell you — 2022

Apple Music and Spotify are in an intense battle to take over the top ranking of streaming music platforms. Both have millions of users who use their services. In the United States, for example, the apple companyleads over its competitor. However, globally the data could be different according to the data provided by Spotify in its latest earnings report for Q1 2019.

Spotify has increased its subscribers this quarter

These days, many companies are publishing their earnings reports corresponding to the so-called Q1 2019 and that corresponds to the first three months of the year. Spotify recently made his ad and in it we were able to verify that its paying subscribers, those who acquire the Premium version, increased by 32% compared to the same quarter of 2018.

Spotify on iOS

These data from Spotify represent figures between 97 and 100 million users . These figures would be bending to the last we knew of Apple Music , which was around half of the subscribers that Spotify claims to have. However, it should be noted that the data from the Apple platform was released in January, so it is possible that tomorrow when Apple announces its results, we will also see an increase.

, so that more and more users know theapple music operation. This could translate into a notable increase in subscribers, although we do not know if to the point of surpassing the figures of its competitor.

In any case it seems that the war between Spotify and Apple is more than open . More than a month ago Spotify opened a battle accusing Apple of abusive policies in its App Store, but said accusation wasanswered convincinglyby those from Cupertino. More recently we learned that some important authors and artists were willing toleave some music platformsin favor of Apple for the economic treatment they received.

As we said, Tomorrow Apple will publish its economic results for Q1 2019 and in addition to seeing iPhone revenue data, which seems essential in recent years, we will also see those corresponding to services such as Apple Music. What do you think? Do you think that Apple will surpass the figures of Spotify? Leave us your impressions in the comments.