Spotify is also compatible with Mac and so you can use it — 2022

If you like to listen to music often, you probably already know this Spotify, a platform that enjoys high popularity around the world. It has a multitude of features to be able to enjoy listening to thousands of artists of all genres, so using Spotify on Mac can be a great option. If you often use your computer for work, study or other tasks, it will be more enjoyable with music in between.

Do you have a Spotify account?

It may seem obvious, but you will not be able to use Spotify on any device without having an account. It will not matter if you are a premium client or have the free version with advertising. If you do not have an account, you will only need an email account to create an account on the platform. If you also have an Apple ID, something you surely have if you use a Mac, you will be able to find the option Sign in with Apple. This option allows you to create a completely secure and private account similar to when you log in to a platform with a Google or Facebook account.

In addition, as we have just told you, one of the strengths of Spotify and that, in this sense, it is ahead of its competitor, Apple Music, is that you do not need to pay to be able to use the application or the service, since it has a version that is completely free for all users who simply open an account on this platform. So it seems like one of the best options, if not the best, to listen to music without having to pay a single euro.

Ways to use it on Mac

Spotify is one of the biggest brands in the world, and that prestige has obviously been earned by doing fantastic work over many, many years. In fact, this music service is one of the oldest in this sector, so if they are still at the top of the table today, it will be for a reason. And one of those reasons is because of the ease that it gives all users to be able to use its service, that is, not only is Spotify available through an application, but you can also enjoy it from its own web service. In other words, it adapts perfectly to all users.

Spotify app on macOS

Fortunately, the Spotify developers have created an app for macOS that works like a charm. It is not available in the Mac App Store, but it is possible to download it from the company's website. Once you have downloaded the installer file, you will only have to accept the conditions and follow the indicated steps as with any other application downloaded from the internet.

Download Spotify for macOS

spotify mac app

Once installed you will be ready to enjoy the platform from your computer. If you were used to using the mobile application, you will see that there are obvious differences due to the size and resolution of the screen. However, you will find all the sections in the interface. On the right side you will find the your friends' favorite playlists , on the left you will have the albúmes, playlist of your library, as well as the possibility of accessing the tabs of to explore , listen to the radio or go to the starting screen.

In the central part is where the core of the application is located, since this is the part where you will navigate between the different contents of the service. The play bar will be at the bottom of the screen. So you see that you will not lose any functionality for using this version.

Spotify web version

If you don't want to install the Spotify app on your Mac, you can use the web version. Yes indeed, Safari is not supported with this, so you will have to resort to other browsers such as Google Chrome. In principle, with this browser you will not need to install any extension, although if this is the case, you will be informed.

Access Spotify web version

The interface in this case is identical in all supported browsers, regardless of whether they are on Mac or Windows. It is also very similar, if not identical, to the one we find in the application. If you feel comfortable with this player, you can save it in favorites or as a direct access from the desktop or the dock in order to open it more comfortably as if it were an application.

Use HomePod from your Mac

One of Apple's flagship products for music playback is undoubtedly the HomePod and HomePod mini. These are two smart speakers that have exquisite sound quality and that are capable, one more than the other, of raising the volume of the music until you jump and sing wherever you are. Therefore, a music service like Spotify can take full advantage of the benefits that, as a speaker, both HomePod and HomePod mini offer users. In addition, the way to make the music from the Spotify application on your Mac reach the HomePod is really simple.

active sound

First of all, we recommend that you have the sound tab always active in the control center, that way you can easily and quickly access your HomePod. Once you have access to the Sound tab on the top bar of the Mac, you just have to click on it and click on your HomePod. After this, you only have to worry about playing the song you want to listen to on Spotify and enjoying the fantastic sound quality offered by the Cupertino company's smart speaker.

HomePod selected

However, one of the disadvantages that the macOS desktop application has with respect to the app available for both iPhone and iPad is the impossibility of performing AirPlay and thus being able to use two HomePods at the same time, that is, with the application of iOS and iPadOS if you can send music to a HomePod and a HomePod mini through AirPlay so that they sound at the same time, but in the app for macOS this is not possible.

Does it have something to envy to Apple Music?

The reality is that both Spotify and Apple Music are two applications that seduce all users, making them the small details and, surely, the very personal preferences of each one that make them opt for one application or another. However, there is a point about Spotify that you have to keep in mind, especially if you are an Apple device user and you are interested in that comparison with the music service offered by the Cupertino company itself.

Sonos Roam vs HomePod mini

One of the existing problems in the Spotify application for Mac is the impossibility to send the music directly from the application to the different speakers that you can have connected via AirPlay. In addition, it is something really curious since this same action that is impossible to carry out on Apple computers, can be carried out with total ease in the Spotify app for iPad or iPhone.