Spotify incorporates Codes, a simple way to share your songs using a QR code — 2022

Spotify, the main competitor of Apple Music, launches Spotify Codes , a way to share our music with our friends through the creation of QR codes.

say hello to Spotify Codes

This is how Spotify announced its new functionality on Monday from its website. A new functionality never seen before to be able to share our songs and music lists with whoever we want.

The way this new tool works is by creating QR codes to be read from the mobile of the person to whom we send that code. virtual file for you to hear it.

This launch has been made worldwide, giving a total turn to the way of sharing music without violating any type of right , since when viewing that QR code, it will redirect us to the playback of said song within the Spotify app itself. It is also available on both Android and iOS, this function being compatible between both operating systems.

A new way to to share music

New Spotify Codes interface

As I said before, we can share any song, artist or playlist - either our own or predefined -. The code appears at the bottom of the cover of that file, be it song, artist or playlist, and the way to read it is simple : pointing towards it with the camera of the person with whom we want to share music.

In order to share music, the user must press the context menu of the app so that the code appears just below the cover. So simple and easy.

If you want to share your favorite song or playlist with someone who is not with you at the time, it is very simple. By clicking on the code you can make a screenshot , being possible to share it through social networks or messaging apps.

This new initiative by Spotify to share music is a way plus visual and not as classic as it is through link. We will see if it is really successful and its users get used to this new functionality, or on the contrary they continue to use the traditional method of to share.

Are you a Spotify user or, on the contrary, are you a faithful follower of Apple Music? Do you think Apple will launch something similar to counter Spotify? We await your comment.

For here We leave you an article that may interest you if you are a Spotify user and also have an Apple Watch on your wrist.