Racing, speed and car games for Apple TV — 2022

The world gaming is reaching another level within Apple. The Apple TV can be used to put yourself at the controls of an incredible car like a Ferrari or a Formula 1, enjoying yourself in your living room while you play some very good games. In this article we tell you about the different car games that you can find in the Store for your Apple TV.

The possibilities of Apple TV as a console

Although the Apple TV can be conceived as a device to be able to play different content from movies or series, it also has many other uses. In recent years, it has been moving towards the side of game consoles with an increasingly rich catalog of games. You can get much more out of it thanks to the compatibility with different control equipment. You can use the Remote itself or the iPhone to control the video game in a much more comfortable way. This means that at any time you can run a video game and enjoy it quickly without having to resort to other devices.

But in case you want to have an experience much closer to that of a real console, you should know that you can connect traditional controllers. For example you can link a PlayStation or Xbox controller as well as others that have an MFi certificate. In this way, it can be very similar to enjoying a console by having controls that are very similar. This is something that has been implemented little by little and that has turned Apple TV into an extremely versatile device with many paths to discover.

What should a good car game have?

Keep in mind that there are many options available in the App Store to enjoy entertainment on Apple TV. But as is logical, priority should always be given to those games that have specific points that offer the basic characteristics that any gamer must take into account when searching for your ideal video game. We are left with the following recommendations:

    Control system:When it comes to playing car games, it is always important to have a good control system. By this we refer above all to compatibility with game console controls that exist on the market. Obviously, you can play with the Apple Remote itself, but it is always better to use these controls that are designed for the world of gamer . Graphics:This is something fundamental in any video game, but especially in car games. In this sense, it should be noted that having a high speed, it is quite likely that they may take time to load all the textures, generating the annoying popping . In addition, the graphics are also vital to avoid health problems such as dizziness that can occur if the graphics are not adequate. Performance:a really important aspect when we talk about games that are very fast. Optimum performance must be prioritized at all times in order to prevent power drops from appearing. frames . In this way, it can occur that you do not have the most adequate experience possible, and you do not get directly into the video game.

car games that are free

The price is also really important, and surely at first you do not want to spend money. In this case, the App Store has a catalog for which you do not have to pay anything, since they are free. Although in return you must display advertising or have to pay to advance.

Asphalt 8: Airbone

Without a doubt, this is one of the most mythical games when it comes to car themes. You will find a very interesting catalog of vehicles, highlighting above all Ferrari, Ducati, Lambo, McLaren... You will be able to play the same game on all the devices in the ecosystem as it is synchronized at all times through your Apple account. The graphics stand out for being quite spectacular.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt 8: Airborne Descargar QR-Code Asphalt 8: Airborne Developer: Gameloft

Horizon Chase

With a design that is far from the realism that other games can have, this game has a very cartoon aesthetic. Integrate five circuits and two cars totally free. You can enjoy this automotive experience with all your friends wherever you are where there is an Apple TV and any remote to control your vehicle.

Horizon Chase Horizon Chase Descargar QR-Code Horizon Chase Developer: Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing is a game that belongs to the giant EA and that has come to make you sit in a Formula 1 car on circuits that are completely real. It has more than 40 licensed circuits with 19 real locations, a grid of 43 cars and more than 250 vehicles from the best brands that can be found on the market, such as Audi, Porsche, Bugatti...

Real Racing 3 Real Racing 3 Descargar QR-Code Real Racing 3 Developer: Electronic Arts

Those that require a single payment

If you want to opt for games that are more professional, or that have a higher quality, you will have to go through the box. In these cases, you must be very convinced that you want to spend the money, since they do not have a really cheap price. Here we show you the best options.

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally is one of the best Rally simulators that we can find on the App Store. It enjoys some good graphics and especially some physics. You will put yourself in different situations such as in the rain or in light conditions that are quite precarious. It includes an online multiplayer mode, but you can also play offline so you can practice all your driving techniques.

Rush Rally 3 Rush Rally 3 Descargar QR-Code Rush Rally 3 Developer: Brownmonster Limited

Go Rally

Drive in different weather conditions to the absolute extreme. You can get hold of different rally cars to have the best possible experience when driving them. The grace of this game is that you can face all your friends or family to see who dominates the field better.

Go Rally Go Rally Descargar QR-Code Go Rally Developer: Inputwish

F1 2016

Enjoy the excitement that Formula 1 gives off thanks to this game in which you'll be able to drive quite realistic single-seaters with graphics that won't disappoint you. It includes 21 different circuits as well as 11 teams with 22 drivers from the 2016 season. You will have to immerse yourself in an entire season of this competition as if you were living it for real.

F1 2016 F1 2016 Descargar QR-Code F1 2016 Developer: The Codemasters Software Company Limited

Enjoy speed in Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is the Cupertino company's service that allows users to enjoy a wide range of video games in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription. In this case, we tell you the most recommended options that are within this subscription.

Speed Demons

Racing simulator on a highway with which you can reach breakneck speeds with the car of your choice. Being on the highway you have to consider that there will be a lot of traffic that you will have to dodge at all times as it is a game focused on illegal races. Numerous game modes are included to suit your preferred driving style.

Speed Demons Speed Demons Descargar QR-Code Speed Demons Developer: Radiangames

Sonic Racing

sonic racing

Incarnate Sonic's hedgehog in this fun car game where you can drive fifteen characters from the universe. Without a doubt, it reminds us a lot of the mythical Mario Kart, but with other characters, although the aesthetics and also the gameplay of collecting objects that are found on the map itself are maintained. He is thinking to be able to play with other people, specifically up to 8 players.

Sonic Racing Sonic Racing Descargar QR-Code Sonic Racing Developer: SEGA

The best of each category

There are many options that we have related throughout this article, but we are left with two of them. The first is the mythical Asphalt 8 , which has accompanied many virtual drivers for generations. With spectacular graphics, a wide range of available cars and incredible circuits, this is one of the best options that can be found on the App Store.

But if you're on an Apple Arcade subscription plan, Sonic Racing It will certainly take you back in time. It is a fun car game in which you will be able to drive the character of your childhood. Very reminiscent of Mario's options. In addition, you can always enable the multiplayer mode in order to challenge your friends, with a maximum of 8 people.