Spanish developers can now use Search Ads in the App Store — 2022

Applications have become for all users something basic in our day to day life, without them having a next-generation device makes no sense, since the App Store is where we can find very interesting tools to do our day to day much more. more comfortable and productive. But, how do we discover new applications? Apple wanted to delve into a method that had the objective of proposing new applications to users. This method arrived at WWDC 2016 under the name of Search Ads a functionality that this week has reached Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

Apple Seatch Ads finally lands in Spain

This functionality wants offer developers a space to promote their applications with the aim of achieving a greater community of users around your app. This functionality is only available for the iOS App Store.

As Apple says on its official website, the App Store search results are a showcase for all those who want to announce their proposals, and obviously also a new revenue stream for Apple that will charge for displaying these ads on the App Store . Although they want to sell it as recommendations for users, they will be simple ads like the ones we find on other websites , but based on our tastes about applications. If we look for many photography applications, then the App Store will send us ads for applications related to photo editing, doesn't it remind you of the ads on other websites?

These types of ads will start appearing in the App Store from August 1 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). The format of the same will be quite discreet, since it will appear in the header of our search results with a bluish background and with the Announcement label next to the valuation range. I say that it will be discreet because it will not appear with a flashy background or with a different font.

As I said before, to show us ads according to our tastes will use our metadata, but in theory we should not worry, since the data processing carried out by Apple is quite effective following the new European regulations.

Developers will have two Search Ads subscription plans

Apple offers developers two subscription systems to this new program : the basic and the advanced. It should be noted that the company offers a free trial with 100 USD credit so that the developer knows if this ad plan is worth it or not.

The most basic program is intended for users who have no experience in marketing. That is, the developer in this plan will select their goals and monthly budget. With this data, Apple staff will help launch personalized and efficient advertising campaigns. This program according to the Apple website It is only available in the US something that we hope ends up changing in the coming weeks, since many users do not have knowledge in advertising campaigns.

The advanced program is designed for a more experienced profile, that is, those with marketing knowledge, since they will not have any help from Apple, being the totally independent developer. setting the keywords, the target audience, controlling spending per campaign... If it is true that the company will offer advanced tools to be able to monitor our advertising campaigns in detail.

All the information about these programs can be found in the Official site of Apple Search Ads, as well as how to contract them if you are interested.

In August the App Store is going to become a showcase for developers, something that we hope will not get out of hand for the Cupertino company, debugging your application choice system. We hope that we don't see apps that are of little interest to us or of very low quality in these ads. This tool must work to show us quality applications that we may love, but not applications that have very poor ratings and that seek downloads based on taking out their checkbook.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of Apple Search Ads, do you see a future for it?