Soon you will have these new emojis on your iPhone — 2022

Unicode, the company in charge of designing and integrating emojis, makes one or two updates a year of its particular emoticons. The iPhone and other Apple devices will arrive very soon and we have already been able to meet them thanks to the betas of iOS 15.4 and company. And it is that, no matter how small the novelty, they are always elements that make people talk during their first days.

From the melted face to the pregnant man

As is customary in Unicode, they have opted for elements highly requested by users and that are part of the popular culture of many territories, such as beans. Something else is also added random as expressions of the classic emoticons.

The full list is this:

new emoji ios 15.4 (1)

  • Melted face emoticon
  • emoticon covering his mouth
  • Emoticon covering his eyes and looking behind his fingers
  • Emoticon with military salute
  • Serious emoticon with dotted face
  • Emoticon with a diagonal mouth
  • Emoticon crying with joy
  • hand pointing to the right
  • hand pointing left
  • Hand figuring that it grabs something
  • Hand figuring receiving something
  • Hand doing a finger snap

new emoji ios 15.4 (2)

  • finger pointing forward
  • Two hands making the heart symbol
  • Mouth biting lower lip
  • woman with crown
  • Pregnant man
  • Pregnant woman with short hair
  • Troll
  • Marine coral
  • lotus flower
  • Empty nest
  • nest with eggs
  • Beans

new emoji ios 15.4 (3)

  • glass spilling wine
  • empty jar
  • Slide
  • Wheel
  • lifesaver float
  • Fatima's hand
  • Disco ball
  • battery running low
  • Crutch
  • Bone scan
  • Bubbles
  • Identity card
  • Equals symbol =

Apart from all these, new combinations of skin colors are included for the gesture of shaking hands, thus adjusting to all kinds of combinations with the different shades that were already present for years.

When will these new emojis arrive?

As we already warned, it will be the updates to iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3 that bring these new emojis. Apple has not yet revealed the date on which these versions will be released to the public, but its release history and intuition make us anticipate that it will be at the middle of March.

And it is that these versions could be the ones that bring the next Apple products that will be released precisely in that month of March. And if we take into account that these would be presented at an event on March 8 and that by then the betas would be advanced, we could almost assume that it will be the week of March 14 when they are released. Be that as it may, we will continue to be aware of new details in this regard.