Some new features of iOS 15 for iPhone have already been leaked — 2022

On June 7, the inaugural event of the WWDC will be held in which we will finally learn about the following versions of Apple software, including the long-awaited iOS 15 for the iPhone. Not too many news about it are usually leaked, since they are secret projects carried out entirely in the Apple Park. However, there has been an analyst who has leaked a small preview with the most outstanding news that we would see in this new mobile operating system.

iOS 15 would bring highly demanded changes

Obviously, each company always tries to satisfy its users, although the truth is that they do not always comply with it or at least not in the time that they want. However, it seems that Apple this year intends to satisfy several requests that have been made for years. It has been the analyst Connor Jewwis who, through his Twitter account, has claimed to have already seen this iOS 15, highlighting 5 new features that seem to be the most relevant, although without giving too many details about them:

— Connor Jewiss (@connorjewiss) May 25, 2021

    New dark mode settings. It is unknown what Jewiss meant by this function, although we could intuit that it had to do with a greater customization of the wallpapers, being able to be dynamic as it happens with the native ones. New settings in the Messages app, which could be related to the iMessage service and improvements in communication, adapting functions that other popular messaging apps already have. Food tracking and more health features, which may be related to a function already rumored in relation to being able to measure the calories of food and find information to be able to carry out a certain diet. User interface changesaccording to a recent 9to5mac leak in which new cells and tables were inserted for the navigation bar, which would be visible in a large part of the system. New settings for notifications and view on the lock screen, another function that was already expected for this version according to other analysts such as Mark Gurman and that is gaining more and more strength, and could be one of the star improvements of this future iOS 15.

iOS 15 dates you should know

Everything mentioned above is still unofficial information in the end, despite the fact that the data that the analyst has counted does not seem misguided with what others had commented on in previous weeks and months. What is certain is that in addition to being presented on June 7, Apple will launch the first beta for developers of that iOS 15 and the rest of operating systems. It will then remain in beta throughout the summer months, incorporating improvements and potential new features not announced at WWDC.

WWDC 2021

After this beta period, in mid-September, the final versions are expected to be released for all users. This year it is expected to be compatible with iPhone 7 and later, although we will have to wait for WWDC to confirm it. It is likely that this launch date also coincides with that of the new iPhone that the company will launch this year and that would already bring that iOS 15 as standard.