Some MacBook Pro and iMac Pro owners are reporting kernel panic issues — 2022

MacBook Pros and iMac Pros are experiencing bugs kernel Panic with unusual frequency, even repeating itself several times a day. Apple You are already aware of this matter and are investigating what happened. In the meantime, you offer some recommendations that do not completely solve the problem.

This problem seems to be it is not something generalized , at least compared to the units sold versus those affected. There are many theories about why this error occurs, but there is one of them that is having more value.

The problem could be in the chip T2 that Apple built into the latest Macs to improve security and power invoke to Siri without pressing any buttons. Although we insist that there is still no official confirmation from Apple about the origin of this error. But the affected users coincide that it is only affecting the models that incorporate this chip, hence the deduction to try to find the problem.

Apple is studying the problem of the kernel panic of the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro

The Kernel panic on Mac it is a warning from the operating system that appears when it detects an internal failure and cannot solve it. giving as an option Restart the system to try to fix the problem. We could call it the famous Windows blue screen. In it official support Apple there are several users reporting the same bug.

While Apple continues to work on a solution, it recommends that affected users restore your equipment without resorting to backups, not unlocking Macs through Apple Watch , do not encrypt internal storage or disable Power Nap among other recommendations. In fact, some user has reportedfailure to turn on the iMac.

Some affected affirm that after the latest updates the problem is appearing on fewer occasions, where before it manifested itself newspaper Now it would be happening on a weekly basis. Although not in all cases, there are clients who continue to suffer from it every day at least a couple of times.

Even so, we insist again that it seems that it is not a widespread problem, where Apple is trying to fix this error. An error that only affects the models of Macbook Pro Y iMac Pro with the chip T2 .

Have you experienced any similar problem?