Some failures of the iPhone 12 mini with its screen are reported — 2022

We recently told ouriPhone 12 mini experience, the new little one in the Apple family. We do not include in this review a problem that, although it did not occur to us, is being reported by dozens of users around the world. It's a bug that happens by putting on a case or screen protector and causing the touch panel to not respond normally. All this apart fromiPhone 12 problems with yellowish screen. We analyze this event.

What exactly is the problem

As we said before, the problem with the iPhone 12 mini comes from placing a cover or a protector on the touch panel. In any normal circumstance, nothing should change regarding the use of the device itself, but in different forums and social networks it has been commented that the terminal begins to do strange things related to not recognizing touches on the screen.

At first this might sound like a software problem, but it is also possible that there are defective units whose touch panel is not fully optimized for use with a case or protector. Another possibility is that the system by which it tries to deactivate the touch function of the screen in order to avoid accidental touches is not working well. From some media like Appleinsider They report that it could even be something to do with the ground connection of the terminal.

iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Waiting for Apple to pronounce

In a way, this ruling reminds us of the famous 'Antenna Gate' emerged with the iPhone 4 and its drastic drop in coverage by placing a cover on them. Although that was a massive failure and this seems to be less widespread, the truth is that it is already generating numerous comments on social networks and fueling the controversy around a defective unit. At the moment the Cupertino company has not given any official response to those who report these failures, although they are expected to do so soon.

There are those who point to a possible software update that ends the problem completely and although this is something that could happen, it is not entirely clear if it can be corrected if it is a manufacturing defect. If it is this second case, there should be no impediment for users to return their iPhone 12 mini and receive a new one at no cost, although logistically this would be a fairly important problem for Apple. In this way, having to pay theprice of a screen repair on the iPhone 12 mini. Be that as it may, we will continue to monitor the evolution of this problem and its definitive solution.