Some Apple Glass in honor of Steve Jobs could arrive in 2021 — 2022

Jon Prosser has made a name for himself in the Apple world thanks to his many leaks. The Apple Glass are among the latest leaks that he has been releasing through his Twitter account and in a YouTube video. But in addition to giving technical details of what these new glasses could be like, he also has information about a limited edition in honor of Steve Jobs.

The Apple Glass in honor of Steve Jobs would be a reality

On the latest Cult of Mac podcast, Prosser mentioned that Apple is working on an Apple Glass edition. ‘Steve Jobs Heritage’ . This is quite reminiscent of the gold edition of the original Apple Watch that paid a little homage to Steve Jobs at a price few people could afford. The price of this Apple Watch it was around 10,000 dollars and it is possible that these glasses go even further when it comes to price. According to Prosser, this movement may respond to a simple marketing strategy.

Officially nothing is known about these glasses yet. But Jon Prosser has had the opportunity to see an unfinished prototype. In this one you can see a design very similar to Ray-Ban Wayfarers or the glasses that Tim Cook wears. In addition to giving details about the design, it has also been able to confirm that they will receive the name of 'Glass', just like Google did with its first attempt at AR glasses. the price could starting at $499 and evolve as the years go by, as happened with the Apple Watch. We must remember that the first edition of the Apple watch had some important flaws that were polished over the generations.


With a sober design and a double screen, one on each lens, these Apple Glass could end up presenting themselves as a great 'One More Thing' in March 2021. This date has been discussed by some analysts asMing-Chi Kuobut other sources are proving Prosser's prediction right.

Prosser vs Gurman, who will be right?

Jon Prosser has the ability to wake up analysts who have been giving data about the company for many years. The first was Ming-Chi Kuo who he severely contradicted with contrary data through Apple Glass. And the next one was Mark Gurman, a person who has also made a name for himself in this world of Apple with his leaks.

The one who started this 'discussion' was Mark Gurman himself, responding to the exclusive tweet of this information. In a summarized way he has said all these leaks that we have experienced are fiction. Jon Prosser, quite elegantly, has wanted to send him to wait until next year to see who can end up getting it right in this regard. As a matter of respect, he did not want to enter into a discussion through Twitter. But to this message Gurman wanted to state outright that these glasses will not be ready until 2022 or 2023, and that what we will see in 2021 will be a simple AR and VR helmet.