Some 2017 iPad Pros are starting to have display issues — 2022

The problems in Apple products do not stop emerging, both at the software level with iOS 12.1.2 and connectivity problems as well as at the hardware and design level with the slight curve that some iPads are presenting in their chassis. This time the middle MacRumors has reported a problem that is gaining strength related to screen feedback on the 10.5″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro introduced in 2017.

Some iPad Pro 2017 have a slight screen problem

This problem would be related to a bright dot that appears just above the home button and that in the long run spoils the panel. The first complaints about this inconvenience began to be thrown in April 2018, and have been intensifying in recent months. MacRumors has collected the following story from one of their readers:

I have roughly a dot on my iPad Pro screen that is brighter than the rest of the screen - it's unevenly lit. The place where this problem is located is above the home button and although it has soft edges, I am picky about my gadgets and the difference in brightness could be described as somewhat minor. You see a kind of stain as if pressure or similar had been applied to it. I always have a screen protector on and the Smart Keyboard so it's well protected.

According to some users this it would be a problem with the uneven backlighting in this area of ​​the screen . This same problem has been confirmed by the editors of MacRumors since they have a 10.5″ iPad Pro with this screen 'defect' as we can see in the following image and no matter how much they proceed toclean ipad screenThis is not something that simple to fix. TheSolution to White Spots on iPad Screenthere can be several but it may end up being solved with a repair in the Store. This does not mean that there isprotect ipad screenat all times.

iPad Pro 2017 screen problem

Users have been complaining about this issue for several months though We still do not know how many models have been affected . At the moment the models presented in 2018 have not reported this fault but surely because they are relatively new and this 'defect' appears on the surface after several months of use.

Apple at the moment has not given any explanation about this problem , but users who have claimed an iPad replacement at an Apple Store have had to return home if they weren't already in-warranty or didn't have an Apple Care plan. In Spain at the moment these iPads are within the second year of warranty so if you notice any problem on your screen do not hesitate to go to the nearest SAT.

This problem, as we say, has not been reported en masse by users, although we will be aware of how it may evolve in the coming months.