Solve mathematical operations in a second from your iPhone — 2022

Every day if you are a student or you work in a laboratory you are going to have to face many formulas. It can be a real burden to know if you have solved them well, or you simply want to save time in the process. For this there are many applications that can be found in the App Store that have exactly this mission. Below we show you the main ones.

Most recommended points

In the App Store you will be able to find many applications whose mission is to show you the solution to a specific equation. Although, you have to know how to choose the most recommended option in order to have the most satisfactory experience, especially considering that we are dealing with a service that you are going to use daily in your own classes. That is why we recommend you follow the following points:

    Input Methods:on many occasions it can become uncomfortable to enter long equations in the application. In this way, priority must be given to those apps that have a method of introducing equations through artificial intelligence with the device's camera. Likewise, manual input through a keyboard that is adapted is also of interest. Available operations:there are many operations that can be found available in applications, not limited only to equations. In this sense, priority should be given to those that are really complete, such as functions or trigonometric operations. Ability to display graphs:In operations that are more technical, it is often recommended to have a graphic display of everything that is happening with the equation in order to get the best possible results.

Applications to use in any operation

In science there are many operations that must be performed on a daily basis. From functions, to trigonometric operations and of course, the simplest algebra. In this case, we tell you about the applications that offer a wide variety of operations available to perform.

Symbolab: Math Solver App

Application that acts as a math problem solver. This is because it integrates a calculator for equations, integrals, derivatives, limits, inequalities, trigonometry, matrices or functions, among many other features. This is really important, since it has notation of any different style such as algebra or vectors. AND That is why we are facing a service that has the necessary tools to work at any educational level.

Keep in mind that this is a free application. With a simple photograph on the equation that you have in your notebook you will be able to obtain the result. Although you will also be able to manually enter all the data of the equations through the specialized keyboard. And with the aim of being focused on the educational world, it has to show the resolution step by step.

Symbolab: Math Solver App Symbolab: Math Solver App Descargar QR-Code Symbolab: Math Solver App Developer: Symbolab

Mathway – Solve Math

With millions of users behind it, this is an incredibly good math problem solver. From basic algebra to complex calculations, this app will instantly solve your most difficult math problems. You're just going to have to write the problem equation or take a photograph to have in this way the solution at the moment.

Likewise, you are in an academic environment, you will need to have the necessary steps to be able to reach the solution. This way you can study properly. Mathway acts like a private tutor by giving you fully detailed steps. It's not just limited to equations, as you can also find trigonometry, limits, derivatives, integrals, and much more.

Mathway - Solve Math Mathway - Solve Math Descargar QR-Code Mathway - Solve Math Developer: Mathway, LLC

Microsoft Maths Solver

The Microsoft Maths solver app provides help with a variety of problems including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and other topics using an advanced AI-powered math solver. Simply, you will have to write the mathematical equation on the screen by hand, or take a photograph of it from your own notebook.

Microsoft Maths instantly recognizes the problem and helps you solve it with step-by-step explanations, interactive graphs, similar problems from the web, and online video lectures. This is also due to the fact that a scientific calculator is integrated that will allow you to have completely interactive graphs. This is especially important when we talk about different engineering studies.

Microsoft Maths Solver Microsoft Maths Solver Descargar QR-Code Microsoft Maths Solver Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Camera Math

An application that is especially intended for students. In this way you will solve all the mathematical problems that you have ahead of you. Obviously, it also refers to word problems. You simply have to take a picture and the app will find the best solution both through artificial intelligence and by searching the text itself on the web.

When you come across a math problem that you don't know how to solve, you can easily take a picture with Camera Math and you will get the answer in a few seconds. Camera Math offers you detailed explanations to help you learn math effortlessly. The history of the different searches you carry out will be recorded at all times in case you need to consult them again.

Camera Math Camera Math Descargar QR-Code Camera Math Developer: CRAZYSLOTH PTE. LTD.

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

Functions can become a really complicated task, since you need to have imagination and, above all, know how to draw in order to correctly represent the result. In this case the application easily math problems, make graphs of functions and equations, do statistics and calculations, combine with interactive geometry, save and share your results. This is ideal especially for work.

The really interesting thing is that it is not limited to offering an immovable graphic of an equation. they will be able to go adjusting the different values of constants such as a and b. In this way, in real time, you will be able to see how the route is changing.

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator GeoGebra Graphing Calculator Descargar QR-Code GeoGebra Graphing Calculator Developer: International GeoGebra Institute (IGI)


If you need to learn math, check your homework assignments or study for upcoming classes , you will be with an application that has an ideal mathematical recognition engine. You simply have to take a picture and the answer will be displayed instantly with a wide variety of solutions. It is also able to recognize problems that are written by hand, which is why it has a very good performance.

Whether it's basic algebra or complex calculus, you'll be able to use the step-by-step explanations to fully understand your problem areas. This will help you understand the most basic concepts of mathematics. The operations you carry out will always be stored in the registry, so that you can consult it comfortably at any time.

Alphamath: Photo Math Solver Alphamath: Photo Math Solver Descargar QR-Code Alphamath: Photo Math Solver Developer: Math Alpha Education Inc

Focused on equations

One of the most common tasks that you will perform in chemistry, physics or mathematics itself are equations. Specifically second degree equations. That is why in this case we are going to recommend the best applications that we can find focused on this aspect of the problems.

Equations 1st and 2nd degree

This is a really simple app that has been developed by the traditional Editorial Editex , famous for its textbooks. In this case she is focused on solving first and second degree equations. At first, she has a document in PDF format with a summary of the contents and the theory necessary to be able to solve the different equations.

And secondly, it allows to solve the second degree equations. They simply must enter the necessary values ​​in each of the gaps s that the different parts of the formula correspond to its resolution At the moment it will be possible to show the result of this equation and always without having to pay a single euro.

Equations 1st and 2nd degree Equations 1st and 2nd degree Descargar QR-Code Equations 1st and 2nd degree Developer: Editorial Editex S.A.

exponential equations

These types of equations can become really complicated for many people, since they do not resemble the main standards. In this case, this application allows any user to solve the unknown by having access to all steps in order to arrive at the final solution. Keep in mind that there are different levels of difficulty, the first three being the easiest.

In case you want to go a step further, you can opt for hard level and expert where equations are proposed that require a high level of learning to be solved. It can be really useful, especially for teachers who need access to a solver to be able to prepare the most suitable equations for their students.

Exponential Equations Exponential Equations Descargar QR-Code Exponential Equations Developer: Francesco Grassi

our favorites

There are many options that can be found in the App Store aimed at solving mathematical problems. But we are left with two of them. The first is Microsoft Math Solver , which has a more than interesting interface that will solve any foreground or background equation for you, with the possibility of having a graph aimed at the most technical subjects.

Secondly, we must also recommend Mathway . It has great versatility, since it allows problems to be entered manually, but also through the camera itself. Likewise, you will have all the detailed steps so that you can know how to solve them, so that you can pass the corresponding exam of this subject.