Solution to iPhone coverage failures for calls or internet — 2022

It is completely normal that if you have coverage problems on the iPhone you get desperate. Either to make or receive calls, as well as to connect to the internet. These tedious problems could have an effective solution within your reach, especially if the phone is apparently fine on a physical level. That is why in this post we tell you how you can end these failures once and for all.

Recommendations to always keep in mind

There are several aspects that you should always review before starting to carry out any other review related to this type of problem, all of them independent of whether it is a problem with the internet, with voice coverage or both. Some of them seem too simple and obvious, but curiously many times the main problems end up being solved in the simplest way.

Check that you do not have airplane mode activated

The well-known airplane mode of the iPhone (and that all mobiles also have), could be the cause of your having problems with coverage. What this mode does when it is active is to prevent the reception of calls and messages, thereby canceling all satellite communication from the SIM card. Therefore, check that you have it deactivated, which you can see from the control center or in Settings> Airplane mode.

Notably you can still have wifi with this option active, although by default it is deactivated when putting the airplane mode. You will simply have to activate it again from the control center or Settings> WiFi. The same goes for the connection. Bluetooth , which is also disabled with airplane mode, but allows it to be active if configured in its respective settings.

iphone airplane mode

Remove the iPhone case

Can a simple case or cover interfere with the coverage of an iPhone? Indeed. In fact, the controversial case of the iPhone 4 has remained in history, which, in its day, offered this type of problem when placing a cover on them. And while it is true that today it is strange to find a cover that has these problems, it is not completely discarded.

For this reason, we recommend that you try to remove the iPhone case and check if this improves coverage, either voice or internet. If you verify that this is the case and it only happens with a certain case, it is likely that the materials or thickness of this case are problematic, so you will have to buy another case and forget about using this one if you want to continue having good coverage on the iPhone.

The area you are in is key

Unfortunately the coverage of any phone depends largely on the area in which you are. In some places it is possible that your telephone operator has less infrastructure or even does not offer coverage. Therefore, we recommend that you review your company's coverage map to clarify if it is this problem or if it is related to something else.

Similarly, we note that the technical failures They are the order of the day in practically any telephone operator. It is possible that a problem of this type has been registered in one of the antennas or repeaters in your area. We recommend trying to contact your carrier through other available channels in order to know exactly if that is the origin of the coverage failure on your iPhone.

Rebooting the device may help.

This is one of the solutions that we envision as simple, but that can be tremendously effective. It is about restarting the iPhone, either by the method created for it or manually by turning it off and on. If you resort to the latter, we recommend that you wait about 15-30 seconds to turn it on again after the device has completely turned off.

Although it sounds like a joke, this method can be useful because what it does is restart all background processes . It is not normal for the iPhone to have failures like this due to the processes, but it is not ruled out that some type of error has been generated that is causing loss of coverage or poor reception, so you do not lose anything by trying this.

restart iPhone

Check if there is a new version of iOS

iPhone operating system updates can not only be interesting to enjoy new features or visual renovations. They also include security patches and bug fixes like the ones you're experiencing. If the current version of iOS gives you this problem, it is practically a fact that the next update will correct it. Therefore, go to Settings> General> Software update to download and install that new version if it exists.

In the event that there is no update, you can consult Apple's own specialized forums in order to see if there are more affected users. In the event that you find that there are more people in this situation, it is more than likely that Apple is already aware of it and it will not take long to release an update that solves this problem.

If only the internet is failing you

If your case is only related to your iPhone's internet connection via mobile data, but if you can make voice calls, we recommend reading the following sections with which we try to find out the exact origin of the problem.

Data coverage may be poor

It is possible that you have good voice coverage and yet a poor internet connection, since in the end both aspects require different infrastructures, so it is possible that you can make calls and yet not be able to surf the internet. You can consult your telephone operator if it is a specific failure or if there is poor coverage in the area where you are.

A problem that can be common is having a 4G or even 5G connection on the iPhone and yet detecting that the connection is slow. Really a good coverage does not directly imply that the speed is also good, so we recommend you make a iphone mobile data speed test in order to verify if this is the problem.

iphone speed test

Check if there are more devices connected to your network

The iPhone can share your mobile data with other computers by acting somewhat like a WiFi router. If you have this feature enabled, you may experience slower speeds to the point where it appears to be offline. If you go to Settings> Personal access point you can check the status of this function and deactivate it if you think it is convenient.

If you have also seen that there is a user using your network without permission, it is best to change the password to prevent reconnection. Although in any case it is always advisable to have this function turned off when it is not in use, since the fact of being active also consumes battery, even though no one is connected.

personal hotspot iphone

Check the network status on the phone

There are several aspects that you can check in Settings> Mobile data in reference to your internet connection. Changing any of these settings could help you improve coverage and even internet speed:

  • data itinerary
  • Voice and data (3G, 4G, 5G…)
  • Network Selection
  • Mobile data network
  • Operator

mobile data settings iphone

Contact Apple if not fixed

If once you have reviewed all the issues that we explain, it is possible that the iPhone is presenting a fault at the hardware level, either in its antennas or another related component. Unfortunately, there is no way for oneself to know exactly if this is happening, so it is advisable to go to Apple specialists so that they can review it.

We emphasize the fact that it is Apple's technical service or one authorized for being the ones with the best knowledge and tools to locate the problem. In addition to the review, they will offer you a solution that does not always involve taking care of a repair, since if it is determined that it is a factory defect and the iPhone is under warranty, it could even be free. The most recommended ways to contact Apple and request an appointment with technical service are the following:

  • Through its Web page .
  • By phone: 900 150 503 (free from Spain)
  • App Support available on the iOS and iPadOS App Store.
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