Solution to problems with the volume button on iPhone — 2022

If you are having any kind of failure to raise or lower volume with the iPhone, you should know that there are several possible causes. The most reasonable thing is to think that the physical buttons are having a problem, but it can also happen due to a software bug. In this article we tackle all the problems about it with the aim of finding a solution.

First steps to fix the problem

Here we tell you what are the first three checks that you should follow to try to fix this problem. They are solutions that, a priori, seem very silly. However, you would be surprised how many times these have been the cause of iPhone volume up and down buttons not working properly.

Is it possible to change the volume in settings?

One action to make sure whether or not it is a software bug is to check the volume from the settings. you must go to Settings > Sounds and vibrations and move the Ring and Alerts bar to make sure if the volume is really changed or not. You can also do it from the corresponding control center bar. Of course, this could be a temporary solution, since in the end you will not be fixing the possible software or hardware failure if the buttons are really bad. Therefore, we recommend you continue reading this post to solve it.

Remove the case or bumper from the iPhone

It is possible that you have put a protective accessory on your iPhone that guarantees its protection against bumps and falls. However, this may not fully match the buttons or have any other flaw that prevents the volume from being controlled. It will not matter if it is from a third party or an official Apple one, since in the end the factory defects could appear in anyone. That is why we recommend removing it and trying to raise and lower the volume afterwards.

If it works correctly and you have some other case or bumper, it is recommended that you also try it to rule out if it happens only with the previous case or with any. It would be very strange if I passed you with all the covers , but if you are in this situation and you have already verified that these are compatible with your iPhone, you should go to Apple because it is likely that due to a factory defect they are moved from the place where they should be.

Close apps and all background processes

As we mentioned before, on many occasions it happens that the stupidest and fastest solution ends up being the effective one. With plenty of iOS software issues happening, why wouldn't it work in this case? Try closing all the applications you have open and then check if the volume is already working properly. If it still doesn't work try completely turn off the iPhone several seconds and then start it again.

What happens when you turn off the device is that all the processes that are running in the background are closed, these being the main cause of some problems that make the performance not adequate. It is likely that there is some kind of problem that prevents executing a volume change on the iPhone through the buttons, so by restarting the terminal you will make sure to eliminate it if this is really the source of the failure.

iPhone turned off

Could iOS be causing the problem?

Yes, the iOS operating system for iPhones is fully prepared to work on iPhones. Now, like all software, it can have its problems. Luckily these are usually solved in a simple way and in many cases quickly. In these next sections we will tell you what you should check so that, in case this is the cause of your problem, you can solve it.

Check for software updates

Although this type of failure is not usually common in a normal version of iOS, the truth is that it cannot be completely ruled out either. Our advice on this is to go to Settings > Software Update and download and install the latest version of iOS that is available for your iPhone, if there is one. These updates not only usually include aesthetic and functional news, but also correct bugs like the one we are describing.

If you are aware that there are problems in the current version of iOS that you have and yet there is no more recent update, you will have no choice but to be patient and wait for Apple to solve it with a future update. When these situations occur, the company usually acts fast, so it could only be a matter of days before the version is released correcting the problem.

Are you in an iOS beta? take it off

If you have an iOS beta profile installed on your iPhone, either because you are a developer or have wanted to test the new features of a future version of the system, it is recommended that you remove it to make sure that this is not what is wrong. One of the risks that these types of versions have is showing bugs like this, especially if it is from a version that is still in an early stage of development. If for professional reasons you need to continue having the beta, you will have no choice but to wait for the release of the definitive version to check if the problem is solved or not. It should be noted that Apple is not responsible for repairs of devices with a software beta installed.

Beta iOS

If it only happens in some applications

If the problem to raise or lower the volume is occurring only in some application, but in other parts of the system it is possible to change it without problem, it is highly likely that it is that app that has a problem. The first advice we give you in this case is update the app from its corresponding section in the App Store. If there is no new update or it still fails even after updating, we recommend that you uninstall it completely and reinstall it.

If after this it continues to cause problems and it is only in one application, you will have no choice but to wait for a future update to correct it. To make sure the developers are aware of the issue, we recommend contacting them and cutting it out for them. From the file of said application in the App Store you will find a link to its contact. In any case, it should be noted that the fact that the volume animation does not appear does not mean that it is not modified. It is possible that due to some other bug it does not appear on the screen. Therefore you should check if the volume really varies when you press the buttons.

App Store

The definitive solution to software failures

In the end, the most effective way to get rid of software problems, considering that this was one, is to format the iPhone. There are several methods for this, with their own singularities as we will explain below.

Make a backup first

If you have the possibility to do it, do it. Either back up to iCloud via Settings > your name > iCloud > Backup or by connecting to a computer. For a complete restoration and to ensure that there are no software failures, we recommend set up iPhone as new after restore, without uploading any copies. However, we believe it is important that it be done in case the formatting does not end with that error and you want to leave the device as you had it. However, remember that there is some data such as contacts, notes, photos or calendars that are synced with iCloud regardless of whether it is backed up or not.

iCloud Backup

Erase all iPhone from settings

This is the method faster to format the iPhone. Although to be fair to the truth, it is not really formatting the iPhone, but what it does is erase the data to overwrite it with the new ones, so some errors could still be present despite the fact that for all practical purposes you feel that you are seeing the device as if it just came out of the box. If you also do not have a computer at hand, it will be the only option you have.

This is done by going into Settings, then going to General and swiping all the way down to enter Reset. Once here you must click on Delete content and settings. Surely after that you will be asked for the security code of the device and/or the password of the Apple ID with which you are logged into the terminal. It will be a matter of minutes before everything is deleted and the initial configuration appears.

restore iphone

Do a full format

This is the complete method of formatting the iPhone, completely erasing its content and reinstalling the operating system from scratch. It can be done with a Mac via Find r if you have macOS Catalina or later installed or from iTunes on Macs with macOS Mojave and earlier, as well as PCs with Windows . To do this, you must connect the iPhone to the computer via cable. Once you have done this and opened the program, you will only have to go to device management and click on the Restore iPhone option.

restore iphone computer

If you couldn't fix it

If despite following everything mentioned above you have continued to have problems, everything indicates that it is a hardware failure . For some reason the buttons on your iPhone have gone bad. If it has been due to a blow or the like, it will not be covered by the guarantee, but if it is a defect unrelated to misuse, it may be covered by Apple itself. In any case, you should contact the technical service.

Whether in an Apple Store or a SAT, you can request an appointment and have the device checked. After that, you will be offered a solution that, if you require a repair, you will be shown a budget beforehand that you may or may not accept. In some occasions it could be free if it is determined that it is a factory fault. Remember that you can request this appointment from the appiOS support or from the website of Apple .

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