Fixed crash opening Pages on Mac, iPad, and iPhone — 2022

Pages is an application within the Apple ecosystem with which editing documents becomes very easy. But although it can work really well, the truth is that it has some important problems to take into account in its daily use. In this article we explain what are the main problems that can occur and the most likely solutions.

Most common causes of the error

When you want to work with Pages, you can get different errors that are common. By this we mean that they can be present in other applications as well and they are not strange, so their solution is quite rudimentary to everything we are used to.

The app may be out of date

Pages acts like one more application on iPhone, iPad or Mac even if it is developed by Apple itself. This makes it also have various updates on a regular basis to solve problems and even add compatibility formats. This is really important especially if you are trying to open a document that is too old or too new. By too new we mean that it has been created and edited using an external application and now you want to edit it in Pages.

This is why you should always check the App Store on your devices. This is where you'll find updates to Pages to keep the app as current as possible. In these cases, it is convenient to have automatic updates activated. This way you don't worry completely about whether you have to perform an update or not, since the system will always do it for you.

iCloud has no internet connection

The use of clouds like iCloud has increased over time to store different files. To be able to edit them in a much more comfortable way, you need to download and install them on your device. Normally, since iCloud is within the ecosystem itself, as is logical, opening this type of file can be done through the application itself without having to download it, go to the downloads folder and finally run it.

That is why on many occasions when the file in question is clicked, Pages does not launch normally. This problem may be due above all to the internet connection, either because it is quite unstable or because it is directly non-existent. That is why in these cases you must check that you are connected to the Internet via WiFi or via cable in the event that you are on a Mac. If this is not the case, it is logical that Pages cannot be executed since it will not have a file to open.

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Unexpected closing of the application

One of the most annoying aspects that can happen to you is without a doubt the closing of the application due to an unknown error. In these reasons you must bear in mind that there are many reasons that can cause an unexpected application closure. The first of these is the possibility that some internal process is running in a loop and this makes it difficult for Pages to open normally, or find some bug on the way to open so you can edit the document. The simplest solution in fact is obviously to restart the device, whatever it is, in order to restore all these processes.

If an indeterminate error continues to appear, other measures that are more radical should be chosen. Among them, the fact of uninstalling the application on Mac, iPad or iPad and reinstalling it through the App Store stands out above all. In this way all application files will be 'new' and the typical error that there is some kind of corruption in these internal files will be avoided. With this simple action, you may already be able to open Pages, and with it any type of document you want.

The document extension is not recognizable

Pages is a text editor that can be very special. Some file extensions that are not common may not open in this editor because it does not directly recognize them. This is why it is most recommended make changes to document length so that you can read them. This can be done through the file manager itself, making all the extensions visible, although there are also web pages that do it online.

But this has a negative side. The fact of making extension changes in documents that are editable can be a problem, especially in the aesthetic field of the file that you have been assembling. Spacing you've applied, image placement, or tables you've created can be completely thrown off when an extension change is made. That's why switching from the Word extension to the Pages extension can allow the document to open in the Apple app but not appear in the same style as you previously saved it.

Other checks you should do

Beyond these common bugs that can be fixed, there are also some extra checks that can be done to resolve problems in Pages documents. We tell you below.

Wrong file downloaded from the internet

Editable files are not always downloaded from cloud services such as iCloud. On many occasions you have to download files from external pages, such as forms to be filled out through Pages. The download sometimes although it is done correctly, can fail but at first you don't even realize it since the file appears normal like any other. But the reality is that if there was some kind of cut in the internet connection momentarily, it may not have been downloaded correctly.

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When opening these files you can sometimes see strange characters in the Pages editor that are not even recognizable. Faced with this problem, there is no type of solution as such that can be done through the editor or operating system itself. You will have to go back to the download site and get hold of the editable document to be able to open it normally in the event that it is an error in the download itself from the servers.

Check the firewall on your Mac

In the particular case of Macs, its configuration includes a firewall that acts as a native antivirus for the system. Its main mission is any file that enters the device is not malicious for internal files or for the user himself. This may be ultimately responsible for the fact that specific files cannot be opened on your Mac as they are detected as malicious.

Keep in mind that you should always download files from trusted sites. Many of the most relevant clouds, such as Google Drive, include a file examiner whose mission is to detect if there is any security problem with it. That is why if you are sure that it is a trusted page, you can deactivate all the security systems that you have active, although, as we said, you have to be very careful in this regard.

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Try to open it online

In the event that it is impossible for you to open it through Pages, you can carry out different tests to find out if it is really corrupt or not. These can be done in online viewers or editors to be able to completely rule out that the document does not open because of it. For example Google Drive allows you to view the different files that you have uploaded and edit them.

In the event that the document opens normally in any of these services, you can choose to download it again. With the new downloaded file that we have already seen that it can work in external viewers, this file can now be accessed from the native Pages application. Without a doubt, it is a method that can work on a few occasions but that in extreme cases is a solution to be taken into account.