Solution if you are not receiving SMS and other messages on your iPhone — 2022

One of the most common practices that users usually carry out is sending and receiving messages, this can be done in very different ways, from the now usual messaging services, through social networks or, as has been done for a long time , via SMS. However, in some cases errors often occur when receiving these traditional SMS, so in this post we want to help you solve these problems. Read on to find out what you have to do.

Tips to check if everything is ok

Restart the iPhone

The first advice that we can give you to solve errors receiving SMS on your iPhone is the same advice that we usually give to solve practically any problem that a user may have with their device. Restore the iPhone. On many occasions, the small errors that can arise with the use of the devices are the result of a process that is carried out in the background being blocked, therefore, it must be restarted and the only way to do it is by restarting the device by complete. To do this, all you have to do is turn off the iPhone and after a few seconds, turn it on again. If this was the cause of the error, it will have been fixed.

restart iPhone

Make sure you are on the latest software version

Another piece of advice that we always give users and that, believe us when we tell you that it will save you a lot of trouble, is to always keep your iPhone updated to the latest software version available. Apple is a company that works every day to offer its users the best possible user experience with its devices, and that's not just for you to enjoy fantastic products, but also software that matches those products. In fact, the Cupertino company is continually working on all its operating systems, especially iOS, so that each version it makes public is better than the previous one. Therefore, if you are having problems receiving SMS and you are not on the latest version of iOS, we recommend that you update.

looking for ios update

If you don't receive any SMS

Check that the SIM card is in good condition

It is possible that the problems you are having receiving SMS have nothing to do with your iPhone or with the version of iOS that you have installed on it. If not, it is a problem of something much simpler, your SIM card. Perhaps the wear and tear over the years have caused your SIM card to be damaged and therefore it is the focus of the error and your problem, therefore, we recommend that you check your SIM card to check what state it is in and be able to , in case it is the problem, change it for a new one.

SIM iPhone

Check that you have coverage

Sometimes when looking for solutions to problems that arise, users tend to focus on finding a complex solution, when perhaps it is much simpler and easier to identify than you think. Check if the coverage in the place where you are is sufficient so that you can receive the SMS in the appropriate way. Today the coverage is usually good in practically any place, but due to external reasons it may weaken at some point. Therefore, before going crazy or crazy thinking about what could be the source of the problem, check the coverage of your iPhone.

iPhone coverage

Make sure there are no faults on your line

On many occasions, users do not always have control of everything that happens around their devices and they do not have the power to solve errors that arise with their use. Not receiving SMS properly may be due to a failure in your line due to multiple factors. Sometimes there are line saturations, such as at specific times of Christmas, or in places where there is a large concentration of people. On other occasions, it is directly that your operator may be having problems or suffering service drops that are leading to your not being able to receive SMS.

Problems receiving some SMS

Check with your operator if you have any blockage

It is possible that the problem that you are not receiving certain SMS is due to a block that your telephone company has established on your line, usually at the request of the user. An example of this is advertising messages, which many users decide to block so as not to receive SPAM or messages that do not interest them or contribute anything to them. If this is your case and, at this time, if you want to receive this type of SMS, you have to contact your operator to reactivate the reception of said messages.

Did you get the phone number right?

Perhaps this solution sounds too obvious, but you can never rule out these types of situations because they tend to occur relatively frequently. Perhaps the problem is that you are not receiving those SMS because they are not directly sending them to you because the sender does not have your phone number correctly and is actually sending those SMS to another person. Therefore, we recommend that you check if, in fact, the person who is sending you these SMS has your phone number correctly noted down.

Problems with iMessage

Check that you have it activated

A common problem for many users who want to use iMessage to communicate with other Apple device users is that they are not actually using this service, but rather they are sending SMS. If you go to Settings and tap on Messages, you can check whether or not you have iMessage activated. If you don't have it activated and want to use this free Apple service, activate it.

Activate iMessage

Make sure your contact activates it too

In the same way that you have to have iMessage activated, the recipient of the message also has to have it activated on their Apple device. You can do it in the same way that we have mentioned in the previous section. Just go to Settings, click on Messages and turn on iMessage. In this way, you will be able to communicate easily through this fantastic service that Apple provides to all users of its devices.

Check if you have internet connection

Apple's messaging service is fantastic, but obviously, as with other applications such as Telegram or Whatsapp, there is a requirement that is essential for its operation, the Internet connection. If you're having trouble using iMessage, it may be because you don't have a good enough internet connection, so check your internet connection to make sure that's the problem.

Other solutions

Restore iPhone

If none of the solutions that we have previously proposed have worked for you, another way to solve many problems that you may have or may have with your iPhone is to restore it. It is a process that is usually very lazy to carry out because you have to invest some time in it, but it is really capable of solving many device problems and making it work much better. To restore the device, our recommendation is that you do it through a Mac or a computer, and not without first having made a backup. Also, if you want to make sure you enjoy all the benefits of restoring your iPhone, we recommend that when you set it up again you do it as if it were a new iPhone, that is, do not load the backup you have done, as this can lead to some errors.

restore copy iphone

Request a new SIM card

As we said before, perhaps the problem is not with your iPhone or the operating system that you have inside it, but rather that the SIM card is the culprit of your problems when it comes to not receiving SMS correctly, so to get out of doubts, if after all the solutions that we have proposed you have not been able to solve the problem, contact your operator or go to a physical store so that you can get a new SIM card.

Contact Apple

One of the options that you always have on the table is to contact the Cupertino company so that their technicians can help you solve the problem you are having with receiving SMS messages. You can do it in several ways, through the Apple Support application through your iPhone or iPad, by calling the Cupertino company's customer service telephone number 900 812 703, or through the Apple support website .

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