Solution if the iPhone does not recognize the SIM card — 2022

An iPhone not detecting the SIM card can be a problem, since you will not be able to make or receive calls. You would also not be able to receive SMS or access the internet with mobile data, although you can do it through WiFi. But don't worry if you find yourself in this situation, because in this post we will tell you how you can solve this problem so that everything works correctly again.

Possible physical card problems

Next we will see a series of problems and their solutions if the failure you are having on your iPhone is due to the SIM card itself, its placement in the phone tray and others. While they may not be the definitive causes, they may help you rule out other problems.

Is it properly inserted into the slot?

It may seem obvious, but it is more common than you think that you have not inserted the SIM slot correctly in the iPhone or that it is the SIM card that is inserted incorrectly. To place a SIM card correctly, you must always follow the shape of the placement tray. We will find that both the card and the tray have a corner that is not pointed but flat. It is important that these two parts always coincide so that they fit perfectly.

Another of the most common problems is that if we have had to cut sim card to make it smaller, it is not perfect. Most carriers these days ship a SIM card in a tray that can be easily clipped to make it a Micro SIM or Nano SIM (the latter being required by most iPhones for several years). In the event that it is a bad cut of this, it is likely that the iPhone will never recognize it and you will have to request a duplicate of the card from your telephone company, which could have an additional cost.

Regarding the fact of misplace tray , the truth is that this is less common, since in most cases it would not close properly on the iPhone unless it had to be forced. If at the time you had to force yourself for it, we are sorry to tell you that it must have been a bad placement. If the tray is in good condition, it will suffice that this time you place it in the opposite way to how you had it, although if it has broken due to forcing it, you will have to contact Apple so that they offer you a solution by giving you a replacement part.

Clean the slot and SIM well

Another of the most common consequences for which the connection can fail is because, despite being correctly placed, the SIM card is dirty. In these cases it is possible that the device does not finish recognizing the card or that there intermittent cuts, so that at certain times you are making a call and suddenly it is cut off, that there are very large coverage variations in a short time and without moving from the area, that you momentarily lose the connection...

The solution to this is that you do very carefully cleaning the SIM card, especially the part where the chip is, which is what connects to the iPhone. This is a very sensitive element, so we do not recommend that you use liquids of any kind or moistened wipes. It is advisable that you do it with a dry microfiber cloth that does not release lint, trying to remove possible dirt by passing this cloth very gently. You should also make sure that both the slot and the inside of the phone are clean, following the same advice in this case regarding not using liquids or cloths that release lint.

Try using another SIM card

Like any hardware component, it can happen that the SIM card slot or internal reader contact is damaged and therefore the card does not work as expected. To clear up any doubts, we recommend that you try to insert another card, turn on the iPhone and check if it works normally. Once you have turned it on, your card should be recognized and you should be asked for your pin, although do not be scared if it does not ask for it because it is likely that this function is not activated. Try making calls afterwards, sending an SMS or connecting to the internet using mobile data.

In this way you will be able to rule out if the problem was with your card or with the reader as we have been telling you. It is understandable that you may not have any other SIM on hand with which to carry out these tests and since acquiring another is not recommended if it is solely for this purpose, you could ask a friend or family member to lend you theirs in order to do the tests. tests. Remember that iPhones are unlocked phones, so the card from any phone company would work.

Apple SIM

Your operator and Apple can be key

In the end, whoever has the most information about the status of your SIM card is your telephone company, at least in relation to its connection. If you contact them you can ask if there is any fault in your area that is causing problems such as loss of coverage and others, although if the problem you are experiencing is related to the fact that it is not recognized, there would not be any type of fault in the area .

In any case, it is recommended to contact the operator because they can also check the status of the network and even inform you if there has been a batch of defective SIM cards and there are suspicions that yours could be one of them. He too contact apple It may be appropriate in order to verify if in your case they have also registered some type of problem and they can tell you if it is the iPhone that is failing .

If you suspect it is a software bug

The iPhone software is well prepared to work with SIM cards from anywhere in the world, since its devices are universal. However, this does not imply that specific failures may not appear on some occasions that prevent the proper functioning of the voice and data network of your telephone company, so below we will present a series of tips that you should take into account to prevent them.

Close all phone processes

One thing we recommend doing in virtually all cases of iPhone problems is restart it . And it is that it is the most effective way on many occasions to end all the processes in the background. These are a series of tasks that electronic devices are continuously executing and that in most cases you are not even aware that they are taking place. The cover search is one of them, but some kind of error can occur and the way to eliminate it is to close that process, something that is only achieved by turning it off.

The theory says that with a simple restart the phone should already kill these processes that are running in the background, but if you want to be completely sure, we recommend that you turn it off manually and keep it that way for about 30 seconds. Then it will be enough for you to turn it on normally. As we say, it could not be the cause and therefore not be of any use, but you will be very surprised if it finally works, since it is a very absurd and yet highly effective solution in many cases.

restart iPhone

Activate automatic network mode

Another reason why your iPhone might not be detecting the SIM card is because it is trying to connect to the wrong network. One way that exists to solve this problem is to go to the configuration of this mode and change it so that select the network automatically. To do this you must follow these simple steps on your iPhone:

  1. Open device Settings.
  2. Go to the Mobile Data section.
  3. Now click on Network selection.
  4. Make sure that the Automatic option is activated and if it is not, activate it.

iphone auto network selection

The last thing before going to technical support

If you have ruled out the problems with the SIM card itself and have carried out the checks mentioned in this software section, it is most likely that you will have to go to Apple's technical service to verify if it is a problem with the iPhone as it seems and that they can offer a solution in this regard that goes through a repair or replacement of the terminal. Although it is advisable to do a operating system restore to completely eliminate possible errors in the software, being a solution that even if it is desperate, it would not be a problem for you to try it.

Although our advice is that after formatting the iPhone set it up as new , if it is advisable that you have previously made a backup of your data in case this does not solve the problem and you want to recover your data. We also recommend that you carry out the restoration by connecting the iPhone to a computer and using iTunes/Finder to carry out this process, since it is a more complete way to erase the system and reinstall it than when it is done from Settings, since in that mode only the content is overwritten.

repair prices

If at this point you have concluded that the SIM card is damaged or it is its tray that is damaged, you should know that you will most likely have to pay some cost for the duplication or repair.

SIM duplication

Although there are some companies that offer coverage against loss or breakage of the SIM card, the truth is that they usually have a cost of between 5 and 15 euros. It always depends on the company, so it is recommended that you consult it. Normally you will have to go to a company store to pick it up, although they can also offer you the home delivery service, and this may include a supplement as shipping costs.

At the time of updating this post and based on the information provided by the companies themselves on their website, these are the costs of SIM duplication in Spain:

    Amena:5 euros Jazztel:€9.95 Lowi: no official data Másmovil:7 euros Movistar:€14.50 O2:gratuitous Orange:5 euros Pepephone:free (first duplicate) and 5 euros (after) simyo:7 euros Tuenti:gratuitous Vodafone:5 euros Yoigo:€7.26

card slot

If the problem you are having with the SIM card is due to a broken iPhone slot, it is best to change it. As you can imagine, the process of changing one for another is not complicated at all, although it is true that it is not usually the most common and that is why you probably do not know where to go. Of course, Apple itself will be able to give you a replacement tray which is usually free if the device is under warranty.

In case the iPhone is out of warranty, you will have to pay the price of the part. However, there is no data about how much it costs and if it is the same for all models. In any case, since it is not a difficult element to handle, you can find spare parts on amazon adapted to the original model and color of your iPhone. Their prices are usually hover between 7 and 15 euros , which may seem high even for a simple piece, but you can see that it is essential to be able to use the SIM card.

Get help from Apple

As has been seen, there are many solutions that can be proposed when talking about this problem. We have put a lot of emphasis on software problems above all and also on those related to the operators themselves. But it should also be noted in this regard that there may be widespread hardware problems. It is known that the iPhone is not a perfect device, and this ultimately leads to problems that will ultimately cause the device to not be able to detect the SIM card that you have inserted. Both the chip reader that is on the card and the slot itself are what will ultimately be taken into account.

In these cases you will have to choose to consult with Apple itself. It is one of the most recommended solutions since it will finally be the one that will solve the problem you have on your mobile device. Obviously, if the failure is the fault of the company and it comes dragged from the factory itself, in the end you will have a completely free repair. This is where the guarantee that these devices have in Spain is invoked, which currently reaches three years. In addition, it is important to note that this is a repair that can be carried out in an Apple Store but also in stores that are authorized.

Although, one of the most common faults that can trigger this problem is the entry of liquid into the SIM card slot. In the event of this failure, the repair does not fall under the guarantee and will ultimately have to be paid in full. And yes, Apple will know at all times if the device has been wet since an indication of the entry of liquids through a chemical substance is integrated precisely in the SIM slot.