Solution if the Apple TV gives connection problems and cannot be seen — 2022

If you have Apple TV connected to a television or monitor and still can't see the picture, something is clearly wrong. It could be a serious and almost irreparable error, yes, but it could also be a small problem with an easy solution. Be that as it may, in this article we address all the possible causes, as well as their solutions so that you can use the Apple TV normally and without the image leaving the screen.

Checks to rule out Apple TV problems

When something doesn't work right, the first thing we tend to think is that it's broken. However, this does not always have a logic and there are several possibilities to check before thinking that it is the Apple TV itself that is damaged.

Check that it is connected to the power

Sounds stupid, right? It seems too obvious to be the source of the problem, but many times the solution to problems is the simplest of all. Check that the Apple TV is correctly connected to the current and that, logically, that plug has electricity.

Are you at the correct source?

The Apple TV connects to televisions and monitors through an HDMI cable, which is the one that ultimately allows there to be an image on the screen or not. While Apple TV only has one source output from this connection, this is not always the case with monitors and televisions. Check in which port you have connected the cable that comes from the device and then verify that you are in said source. If you are in a different source, it is normal that the image is not displayed.

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Check HDMI connection

Threading with the above, it is possible that you are in the correct source and yet the image is still not displayed. It is possible that the cable is damaged and therefore does not work well. The first thing to check is that it is correctly connected to both the screen and the Apple TV itself. Since both ends of the cable are the same, you can try exchanging them to see if it works that way.

If it still doesn't work and you want to rule out that this cable is the problem, we recommend you try other cables you have to check if they work with them. It could be bad luck that those other cables were broken as well, but the truth is that the greatest possibility is that it is not the cable that is causing the failure.

Check that the remote works well

It is possible that you think that the device has been turned on and yet it is still turned off, which is an important reason why it does not show the image. The remote could be the culprit in this case, either because it has no battery or is not working properly. If you notice that the white LED of the Apple TV is on, rule out that the problem is the remote, but if despite pressing the buttons on it you verify that the LED is still off, that is the problem.

What we recommend is to charge the controller using its corresponding Lightning cable and, after a few minutes, try to turn on the Apple TV with it. If it is not solved, continue reading what could be the other causes of the problem.

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Connect it to another television or monitor

Yet another method to rule out that the Apple TV is failing is to connect it to another output source. If you have another TV or monitor at home with an HDMI port, try connecting it to it to see if it works in this case. If so, it could be that the HDMI of the first TV is defective, already being a problem totally unrelated to Apple TV.

Connect another device to the screen

This would be the next step after the above if the Apple TV is confirmed to work on other televisions. If you have any other device of any type that connects via HDMI to the television, try connecting it to make sure that it is indeed the port of this that is generating failures with the Apple TV as well.

What other origin could these failures have?

If after having done these tests you have verified that what is failing is the Apple TV, there are various causes that justify it. Some might even have a quick fix too. The main ones that usually occur are the following.

If the fault is intermittent

If the problem you have with the image is that it suddenly disappears, shows up again and happens continuously, it can be due to two main causes. The first is that the HDMI cable does not make a good connection, so we recommend buying a new one. If after that it has not been solved, it is not ruled out that it is a tvOS bug and not a physical problem. Try updating the software to its latest available version and if it doesn't work, completely restore the operating system leaving the Apple TV with its factory settings.

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Liquid or moisture damage

It is not strictly necessary that a liquid has been spilled near the device for it to exhibit moisture damage. If Apple TV is not kept in a dry environment, it is likely that moisture will penetrate inside, causing some components to suffer over time. If this is the cause of the device's problems, unfortunately there is no easy solution available to you.

There has been a network overload

Another possibility that cannot be ruled out is that, due to a storm or any other cause, there has been an overload in the electrical network that has left scorched the AppleTV. This would not only make it not show an image, but would also render it completely irreparable, forcing in this case to report home insurance specifying the device as one of the damages.

How to report the incident to Apple

If you have not been able to establish the origin of the problem or you are clear about it and it is not repairable on your own, you must go to an official technical service, either from Apple or one of its authorized services. They will be able to establish the causes better than anyone else and offer you a solution accordingly. The contact method can be from the technical service website from the company, by calling 900 150 503 (free from Spain) or from the Support app available in the iOS and iPadOS App Store.

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