So you can send animated GIFs on WhatsApp — 2022

GIFs are invading our way of responding to a WhatsApp conversation or expressing our emotions in a simple tweet. This is why the great social network and messaging applications incorporate a large library of animated GIFs that we can freely use , but WhatsApp also offers us the possibility of creating them through our own reel videos. In this article we tell you how to create GIFs through the videos that we have in our reel from the WhatsApp application itself.

How to create GIFs in WhatsApp

To be able to create animated GIFs on WhatsApp using our iPhone, we must follow these steps:

  1. Open a conversation and go to the + icon that we find in the lower left and we will go to Photos and videos.
    create iPhone GIF
  2. We will select the video that we want to transform into a GIF.
  3. Once selected We will see a timeline at the top to be able to select the section of the video that we want to transform into GIFs. Obviously we will have to take a specific section since a GIF cannot last several minutes of video.
    create iPhone GIF
  4. Once we have it bounded, in the upper right corner We will get the word GIF that we must press. Before doing this we can customize them with emoticons or visual marks as if it were a photo.

Once we send, this GIF will be generated in your friends' chat and you can repeat it whenever you want. Plus you can alwaysmake GIFs on Macand make use of them in these messaging services.

WhatsApp also has a library of GIFs

If you don't want to create your own GIFs you can always use Giphy gallery that is integrated into WhatsApp, and that you can use by following these steps:

  1. Open the conversation of your friend or group.
  2. Go to the + icon that we will find in the lower left and we will go to Photos and videos.
  3. While we see our photo gallery in the lower left we found a magnifying glass with the word GIF.
    create iPhone GIF
  4. By pressing this option we can search for the GIF we want and quickly send it to our contacts.

The other day we were talking abouthow to create your own GIFs with the iPhone through third-party applicationswhich we obviously recommend you read.