Siri would improve, and a lot, thanks to this Apple patent — 2022

It is indisputable that Siri needs to improve because it is far behind other smart assistants on the market such as Google Assistant itself. Every year we expect a breakthrough with the launch of the new generation of iOS and iPadOS, but the truth is that every year we are disappointed because there is hardly any progress. This could end up changing completely as we have been able to verify with an Apple patent related to Siri and the analysis of our face .

Apple wants to analyze our face to improve Siri

Apple would be developing, according to a patent application, a new system that will help interpret user requests to Siri analyzing facial faces in order to prevent an instruction from being misunderstood. In the patent it is explained that the actions that can be performed in response to a user input through natural language such as a sentence in some circumstances can be misunderstood since the intelligent software does not perform the action that the user intended to perform.

This is why, in the patent a possible solution is collected. Using the team's selfie camera, users' faces could be analyzed to determine which muscle groups are activated. identifying shapes and movements . With this system, the team would know who is using the mobile, being able to offer shares personalized such as a list of music of our liking or the recovery of email and also better interpret the orders we give it by being more personalized.

The system will also be able to analyze the emotional state of users. This is intended to be used to improve the assistant's future responses, since if Siri gives us a result to a query that is not what we were looking for, the system will detect that we are dissatisfied. It also happens in the opposite case in which it offers us what we are looking for and the system detects that we are happy s with the result. In order to determine our reactions, a standard for facial taxonomy created in 1970 will be used.

The truth is that this patent sounds quite interesting. The hardware to carry out this facial recognition is practically already present in the iPhone thanks to the Face ID system . It would take a lot of work on this idea to perfect it and make Siri know us a lot more. We believe that the possibility of the mobile detecting who is in front of the screen to offer us personalized data sounds quite good and we believe that it may be the future.

What is clear is that Siri must improve because right now it is quite stagnant and the rest of the assistants have already passed it on the right. Although this is a good patent, it may never come to light, but in any case, we will have to wait for the company's next developer conference to see the advances in its personal assistant.

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