Simyo becomes a good option for iPad LTE — 2022

The iPad LTE version offers us the possibility of working with our own data connection without the need to share the internet from the iPhone or search for a nearby and secure WiFi signal.

Some companies offer the possibility of using a card multiSIM in exchange for an increase in our monthly mobile phone bill, but sometimes the data we share is not enough.

After trying various options, simyo It has become what is perhaps the best option to work from the LTE iPad with a minimum cost, without contracts and supported by Orange coverage.

iPad LTE and Simyo with up to 30 GB prepaid or contract

Simyo iPad rate

For demanding use, we need a stable connection with a fairly high data rate. Normally we find a rate of little data and medium data with a price that is sometimes somewhat high. Yes we want to connect our iPad LTE to the internet, we do not need a flat rate for calls, since we are not going to use it.

Normally, when we use a SIM card of an operator, our iPhone is capable of configuring all the parameters, if it is not possible, with a simple text message it could configure itself to start browsing as soon as possible and in a very simple way.

On the iPad LTE we may need to configure the APN data manually, but the procedure is really simple. If you have purchased a Simyo card and you don't have internet on your iPad, try these steps:

  • Opens settings
  • go to Mobile data
  • Click on APN settings
  • In Access point type orangeworld
  • Go back to the previous screen and wait a few seconds .
FreedomPop The TruePhone with Apple SIM integrated in the iPad , simyo It is one of the best options we have found, both for price, for data offered and the possibility of modifying our rate from the user area.

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