Silicone, leather, steel... Straps of all kinds for the Apple Watch — 2022

The Apple Watch, in addition to being a device that gives us a large number of functions to make our day-to-day life easier, also acts as a fashion accessory . Being an intelligent team does not mean that we can combine it with our clothes, and this is achieved by changing the strap.

From Apple they allowed to make a tremendously simple strap change, but unfortunately the official replacements are not too cheap . That is why we have to resort to other third-party options to make a change in the style of the straps without spending a lot of money on it.

Belt compatibility

With the change of generation from the Apple Watch Series 3 to the Apple Watch Series 4, it was accompanied by a change in the design of the Apple Watch, this caused a increase in the case size of the two models , making the 38mm Apple Watch 40mm and the 42mm Apple Watch 44mm. The same when going from Series 6 to Series 7 (from 40 to 41 mm and from 44 to 45 mm). However, this increase in size did not cause, nor does it cause, the incompatibility of the straps among themselves.

In other words, the straps compatible with the 41 mm Apple Watch are also compatible with the 40 and 38 mm Apple Watch and vice versa, as with the 45 mm models, the 44 and 42 mm Apple Watch straps They are also compatible with each other.

How to change an Apple Watch strap

You simply have to follow the following steps to change the strap:

  1. Place the Apple Watch looking down on a lint-free surface.
  2. Hold down the release buttonof the strap that we will find at the ends, in the watch case itself. Once this is done, you will simply have to slide to remove the strap. It is important to keep the button pressed at all times, otherwise we will not be able to remove the strap.
  3. Once outside, we will take the new strap and slide it until we feel the 'click' at the end. It is important that the text on the strap is facing us, as this way we will have the certainty that we place it correctly.

Change apple watch strap

The most recommended made of silicone

Silicone straps on the Apple Watch are the most typical ones used. They have an attractive design and a wide choice of colors available to users. In addition, silicone is ideal for when you are going to play sports because, in addition to having an informal design, it also they adapt very well to sweat without leaving marks on the skin nor being really uncomfortable to wear in these situations. Below we show you the best options that are available as an alternative to the official Apple one.

Supore Strap

One of the basics for every owner of an Apple Watch are silicone straps, in this case we have a great alternative to apple originals with a slightly different design that more closely resembles traditional watch straps. We can buy them in three different packs, one of which includes up to 6 straps of different colors and another pack that only includes three different colors. Obviously depending on the pack you are going to choose, the price may end up varying completely, although it is still an economical option.

The silicone used is ecological so you get one high quality with a soft touch, durable and waterproof . This makes the experience with this strap really comfortable and does not cause any irritation, since it does not absorb any type of liquid. It is compatible with both the 38/40 mm and 42/44 mm Apple Watch, and there is also a variation in price depending on the type of strap you need.

Supore Strap buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 11.99 Amazon Logo

Ouwagaga Strap

Ouwagaga offers a strap style that is identical to what can be found on official Nike edition models. It is characterized by a silicone construction with different holes along the entire length of the strap . This makes it completely breathable against the skin, which is really important when it comes to a sports band. In order for the strap to fit snugly on your wrist, it integrates a stainless steel buckle resistant and pleasant for the skin, making it difficult for the watch to fall while you do an intense exercise and it is adjusted so that the sensors are always in contact with the skin to perform the different measurements.

As we have mentioned before, the strap is made of soft silicone that prevents skin irritations or allergies. In addition, being waterproof, it can dry quickly in the event that it gets wet while you are in the shower or doing sports. This strap is available in a 3 pack and depending on the one you choose you will have different colors in the same pack. And if you are concerned about compatibility, in the purchase process you can choose the size for the Apple Watch of 42/44 mm o 38/40 mm just like him size S/M or M/L depending on the diameter of your wrist.

Ouwagaga Strap buy it at Epova Strap EUR 12.74 Amazon Logo

This silicone strap is very sober, being very similar to those officially offered by Apple. But it has a very important difference in the buckle system that is exclusive to this brand. Have a stylish butterfly design which ensures the maximum possible comfort. To prevent it from unfastening, it includes a button system that fits perfectly with the hole you choose so that the strap is fully adjusted to your wrist. To be able to unfasten it, you simply have to press to release it in a comfortable way without having a complex system behind it.

It is made of premium quality silicone with a soft touch and above all its durability is guaranteed over the years. The silicone prevents allergic reactions to a greater extent as well as perspiration, making this strap ideal for sports. It is available in numerous colors that resemble the options found in the official Apple store. In addition, you can also have availability to choose the straps for the Apple Watch of greater or lesser size as well as their length with the sizes S/M or M/L.

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Different styles of nylon

If you want to opt for a design that is not sporty, but still youthful, the nylon design is one of the best alternatives you can have. Greater comfort can be achieved by better adapting to the users wrist by being fully elastic. This does not mean that over time it can wear out like a spring when used repeatedly, although the vast majority have passed all the relevant resistance tests.

MroTech Strap

Amazon Logo

If you are a person who hates buckles, this strap is for you. it totally elastic being an alternative model to the Loop straps that Apple offers on its official website. It is made of washable nylon, always adjusting to the wrist and being resistant thanks to its two layers that it integrates. In addition to being resistant, it is also breathable and durable being tested in the different tests that the tightness manufacturer has passed, so even if you want to stretch it a lot to put it on, you should not suffer in this regard.

Before placing the order, you must measure the wrist well because, as there is no anchoring system along the entire strap, the size is essential. It is available in sizes XS, S, L and M adapting to the wrists of the users being able to see the measure that corresponds to you through Apple's own website. To this size is also added the possibility of acquiring them compatible with the Apple Watch de 43/44 mm y 38/40 mm as well as in a wide variety of colors that can be found in the Amazon store itself when purchasing it.

Younsea Strap

single loop braided strap

This strap is made of braided nylon and does not have any type of buckle as it is elastic. The touch is soft and textured with an elegant design available in different colors such as blue, black, pink, red and military green. How could it be otherwise, being made of nylon, the strap is completely waterproof so it is ideal for sports with her or even take a shower. It also prevents allergic reactions such as the typical skin irritation when coming into contact with some materials.

It's designed with all Apple Watch models in mind, from the oldest to the latest. For this it can be found in the 38/40mm and 42/44mm sizes in addition to the strap sizes XS, S, M and L. Size being a really important factor when getting one of these straps, since it must adapt perfectly to your wrist as it does not have a buckle system allows you to adjust the strap to your liking. This is undoubtedly one of its great problems, but if you measure your wrist correctly you will be able to enjoy it correctly.

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Archer Watch Straps Strap

This nylon strap has a much more classic and austere design. Thanks to its construction, it is a fairly robust strap having a thickness of 1.2 mm. They are strong and thick so it is a negative point especially in the first days that you use it. As the days go by, the strap will end up adapting to your wrist, making it less robust and making it much more comfortable to wear. To guarantee the best possible support, a stainless steel buckle is integrated as in the more traditional straps.

This strap is available in different colors: blue, khaki, gray, black, red and olive green. Something that distinguishes this brand from the rest is that in available sizes there are different measurements: 18, 20 and 22 mm depending on the watch in which you are going to place it. Being made of nylon, in addition to having a buckle fastening system, it also adapts to all wrist sizes comfortably as it is elastic, easily adjusting if worn by women or men.

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Fengyiyuda Braided Single Loop Leash

Amazon Logo

Of course, if you are looking for a strap that gives you sensations very similar to what Apple offers, but with an infinitely lower price, this one from the Fengyiyuda brand is the ideal one. It has 6 different colors, which are the V Inverness Green, Atlantic Blue, Charcoal, Grenadine Pink, Red and Black , that is, you have a wide variety to choose the one that you like the most or that can best combine with your Apple Watch.

Obviously, the compatibility of this strap is total with all the Apple Watch models that exist on the market, so any user of this device can acquire it and enjoy it on a daily basis. In addition to the 6 colors, it is available in 18 sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your wrist. Given the material of this strap, it is suitable both for times when you go out to exercise as well as for meetings, parties, in short, which is a type of strap that adapts perfectly to all environments and situations.

Fengyiyuda Braided Single Loop Leash buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 13.99 Amazon Logo

Rio Leather Compatible Apple Watch Strap

Let's go now with one of the brands that manufactures more and better straps for the Apple watch, it is Suritt, a well-known accessories company . In this case we are talking about its strap, which is made of all-natural leather , which has been the product of a careful tanning process. It also has a lining with water-repellent treatment and made with premium cowhide.

In addition, you will have the possibility to choose between a large number of colors, since the palette of options that Surrit offers for this strap is really incredible, you have it available in up to 21 different finishes . Finally, the buckle and adapters are made of stainless steel and also with 3 different colors to choose from.

Rio Leather Compatible Apple Watch Strap buy it at EUR 64.95

The best stainless steel

If you do not want your strap to end up breaking or you need a design that is much more elegant, it is best to choose the stainless steel material. Robustness is guaranteed over time and avoiding wear unlike the rest of synthetic fabrics and offers a vision that is much more sober. It is not recommended to play sports with them, because they are not waterproof and can also end up damaging your skin if you have a very delicate skin.

Tasikar Strap

One of the straps most in demand by the public is this one from Tasikar, as shown by the number of reviews it finds on Amazon. A classic but safe option, and that, comparing its price with the official Apple one, becomes almost indispensable in the collection of straps of each user. It is constructed of brushed stainless steel with superior and elegant craftsmanship making it totally wear resistant and corrosion, preventing it from oxidizing as normally happens with any metal strap.

To fit all wrists, this is a strap that can be changed at any time with the tool that is integrated into the package itself. The change is made by removing the metal parts that the strap itself has in a very simple way. That is why when choosing it you must choose depending on the size of your Apple Watch (38/40 mm o 42/44 mm). It can be found in different colors such as black, gray, gold and silver.

Tasikar Straps buy it at EUR 25.89

Wanme Strap

The classic among the classics if we talk about watch straps, a really interesting option for our Apple Watch. The mythical Milanese strap to dress our Apple Watch for the most special occasions, but with this alternative you will not have to pay a large amount of money for it. It is built in high quality and durable stainless steel . Being a high-quality metal, skin irritation due to an allergic reaction is avoided.

The closure is not done through a classic buckle but the brand is committed to a magnetic system. The ends of the straps have two magnets that, when joined, are united with a very good resistance. This means that they cannot be quickly separated, but this does not mean that it is much weaker than a physical fastening through a buckle system. It is available for different types of wrist and its fastening system means that it can be quickly adapted. You can find it in different colors: grey, gold, black and multicolor.

Correas de Moukou buy it at EUR 11.99

The always elegant and sophisticated leather

When it comes to elegant and classic straps, those made of leather are the most recommended. It is true that they are recommended for very specific situations because it is not resistant or waterproof. That is why for sports it may not be the most recommended, but to wear it on a day-to-day basis it is undoubtedly one of the most recommended options in case you have a much more sober taste.

XCool Strap

This XCool strap is made of high-quality genuine leather, thus creating a soft and comfortable wearing experience. So that you can combine with the different accessories that you wear, you can choose between different colors of the manufacturer highlighting the blue, orange, red, gray, yellow or a combination of several of these colors . The buckle is classic and can be adjusted at all times to the size of your own wrist so that the sensors are always in the best position to perform the corresponding measurements and obviously it cannot fall off easily.

It is a unisex strap with the possibility of choose the size from 38 to 44 mm. The manufacturer guarantees that the material with which it is built does not cause any type of allergic reaction to the skin and it is guaranteed that the hold on the Apple Watch is soft. The rails that are included are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing its robustness so that when changing the strap it does not break easily, although a guarantee is always offered with the manufacturer in case of breakage.

XCool Strap buy it at EUR 17.99

Fullmosa Strap

With this strap, Fullmosa bets on top quality calfskin that guarantees that it is soft to the touch and pleasant to the skin. In addition, being thick, it is guaranteed to be robust and built with a double seam in mind to avoid wear and tear over time. It is designed for all Apple Watch models being able to choose between sizes from 38 to 44 mm with adapters that are robust as they are exclusive to this brand, preventing them from breaking over time when making numerous strap changes.

To prevent it from being too big on some wrists, especially women's, a small tool is included to make more holes in the leather strap. In this way the fastening system through the buckle that is built in stainless steel guaranteeing robustness. In the long run, it is undoubtedly a strap that can be recommended to any user, but with the consideration that it is not indicated for sports as it is not waterproof and does not dry quickly.

Fullmosa Strap buy it at EUR 18.99

Which strap do we recommend you buy?

When choosing the type of strap that will best suit you, you must analyze the use that you are going to give it. If you are an athlete and you are going to be in contact with liquids such as sweat or water, you should get a strap that is made of silicone to repel sweat and more specifically that of the brand Ouwagaga that having holes allows the skin to perspire better. Those made of nylon also have this characteristic with the advantage of adapting better to the wrists as it is an elastic material. In this case the brand MroTech It is the one that most closely resembles the official Apple strap and the one that guarantees better quality.

In the event that you are not going to do much sport with it, you should consider buying the stainless steel strap. It can be perfectly adapted to your personal tastes as well as to the measurements of your wrist by being able to adapt by removing some of the pieces that are integrated, such as the case of the strap. Tasikar . And in the latter case, if you need to have a much more classic design, leather ones can be highly recommended. In this case the brand FullGrace It offers the best quality in terms of materials and resistance due to its thickness and construction with a double seam.