Sign any document on iPad with this app — 2022

The iPad is an ideal device to manage highly important documents and files. If you are a person who works in an office or does paperwork in a normal way, you will need to be able to sign documents through the iPad, both with the Apple Pencil and with your own finger. In this article we tell you about the experience with SignEasy, which is ideal for iPad.

Document Compatibility

There are many document formats that are compatible with this application. These include PDF, Word, Excel, text, Pages, .jpg'ad-block'>


You have the possibility to include different information when signing. Among this information, for example, the date, the check box, logos or some image stand out. And if you don't want to spend time doing the same signature every time, you can save your credentials and also the signature so that it is always stored.

Remote signing of documents

One of the most interesting functions that this application has is the remote signing of documents. This is focused for when you need a third person to have to sign a document even if it is quite far away. The only condition that must be met is that you both use this application and are logged in. Within the interface there is a section dedicated to all the documents that are pending signature. These are the ones that have been received and must be signed as soon as possible.


This saves you the process of downloading a PDF file from email, signing it, and sending it again. Everything is summed up in a single application that is ideal for co-workers or clients whose signature is frequently needed. At any time you can monitor the documents and receive signature notifications or send reminders so that no one forgets your document.