Show your iPhone battery percentage and other information β€” 2022

If you are relatively new to the iPhone world or you have never stopped to review what information and settings, it is likely that you do not know how to see the battery percentage on the screen. In this post we not only explain this, but also other aspects such as the one related toiPhone battery health.

If you have an iPhone with a Home button, it's easy

If you have an iPhone 8 or earlier (also valid for iPhone SE 2020) you should know that it is possible see the battery percentage on screen at all times , more specifically in the upper right part of it. Natively, this is a value that is usually disabled, so you must go to Settings> Battery and activate the Show percentage option. Once this is done, we do not believe that much explanation is needed, since 100% will be that the battery is complete and 1% that you will have to run to put it on charge. And no, we are not talking about 0% because it is physically impossible for you to see that percentage because the iPhone would have turned off before (unless your system has a fault).

iphone 7 battery percentage

On iPhone X and others with 'notch'

Phones like the iPhone X and its later versions come with the well-known 'notch', which is that notch that the devices have at the top of their screen to house the speaker, the camera and the facial unlock sensors. Precisely that notch is to blame for the fact that the percentage cannot be displayed permanently on the screen because it would prevent other information from appearing. How then can you see the percentage? Only by opening the control center by sliding from the top right to the bottom. You will notice that the percentage now appears next to the battery icon.

battery percentage iphone notch

View more battery information on any iPhone

The iOS operating system offers some useful information about the battery that can be consulted at any time. To do this you must go to Settings> Battery and regardless of the iPhone you have, you will see the following aspects:

    Low power mode activationwhich will stop some background processes when the phone is activated to save battery power. battery graphin which you can see how the battery percentage has been decreasing (or growing if it is charging) based on the passage of the last hours. Apps that consume more battery, ordered by percentage and with the possibility of also seeing the minutes that have been active.

In addition to these we find the controversial section of battery health. And we call it controversial because it really is a value that some give too much importance and that even some Apple professionals call a guide because it is really difficult to determine the exact level of deterioration of a battery. Apple shows a percentage that will go from 100% to less depending on its wear. If your iPhone already requires a battery change to function optimally again, it will be shown in this section. In fact, many old iPhone users are motivated tomanually change the battery of the iPhone 8, for example, by this data that is shown in this settings section, in which you can also activate the optimized load . The latter makes it possible, through artificial intelligence, for the iPhone to learn from your habits and charge the battery from 80% to 100% only when it deems it most opportune so as not to damage the battery.

iphone 8 battery health

In any case, remember that there aretechniques to calibrate the iPhone batteryand cause all its values ​​to be recalculated. So if your device works poorly in this regard, you could make it work well again without changing the battery and even without having to restore the operating system.