This is what the impressive futuristic Apple building in Vancouver will look like — 2022

Apple is a company obsessed with design, and not only in its products but also in its offices and stores. Without going any further, its official headquarters in Cupertino, theApple Park, differs from the rest for its incredible circular design as if it were a spaceship. The most recent thing we have learned in this area is in reference to the offices that the company will have in Vancouver and whose building will be a work of art.

What Apple's offices will look like in Vancouver's futuristic building

Apple take care of every detail of its offices and Apple Store, In the case of the latter, it is curious how the company always chooses historic buildings or those with a great location in cities to open its stores. See, for example, how in Madrid it is located in one of the most recognized squares not only in the capital of Spain but in the entire country, Puerta del Sol.

apple building vancouver canada

In Canada, the apple company has one of its most cared for markets, along with that of its native country, the United States. That is why, as reported by Bloomberg will be one of the tenants of one of the most desirable buildings to be found in Vancouver r. With a very futuristic design, this building will be located in the 400 West Georgia Street.

It is expected to be in the spring of next year when this particular building is built and perhaps ready to house its new tenants throughout the 24 floors it will have. However Apple will not have the entire building alone but will occupy only 2 of those floors .

According to reports, and despite not having the entire building, it is assumed that Apple will be one of the key tenants. Here the firm directed by Tim Cook will coexist with other important companies such as Deloitte Canada , which will be located on the top 10 floors. Also Spaces will rent part of the space of this futuristic building.

In the same street Apple could coincide with another of the great world companies of the moment, neither more nor less than Amazon . They are planning to build another bunker-style building across the street.

We will have to wait to see images of the building already built and also if Apple decides to show us how its brand new offices are inside. At the moment we are satisfied with the photos in which it is recreated how this one will finally be. You can access a gallery with more photos by pressing here .