Should Apple introduce a mid-range iPhone? we analyze it — 2022

In recent quarters, Apple has reported a more than notable drop in income due to the sale of the iPhone, and most analysts point out that price is one of the key factors when an average user decides not to purchase a latest generation iPhone. Currently Apple only has a catalog of high-end mobile phones that are quite expensive and inaccessible for some pockets. If we look at other brands such as Huawei or Samsung, in addition to their high ranges, they have other models with ' your attire ' features at a lower price, which are called mid-range. This fact leads us to wonder if Apple should take an example and release a cheaper mid-range device in order to rebound its sales.

Would Apple be right with a mid-range in its catalog?

If Apple chose to launch a mid-range iPhone, it is obvious that the range of potential users would open much more, since without a doubt paying 1000 euros for an iPhone is something that many people cannot afford or simply do not see the point of. Many people are looking for a device that works well at a lower price and that is why many also choose to buy devices from previous generations that now have a very good price.

iPhone XR

If the sales trend continues down this path, Apple knows that it must change its strategy. for now have tried to boost sales of the iPhone XR , the cheapest equipment they launched in 2018, with a great marketing campaign and offering various discounts to users who chose to purchase it in exchange for giving up their old equipment and facilitating financing.

This has not finished working, since although the iPhone XR has tried to pull the sales car, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max continue to drag the market. The solution would go through the launch of a mid-range iPhone that would sacrifice many of the most premium features of the equipment in exchange for a lower price.

This would not be anything new for Apple since if we look at the iPad market, there is a wide variety of models at different prices. Some are very focused on education and the most basic users with a price that is around 300 and 400 euros, and then there are the iPad Pro that are designed for a more demanding public in terms of performance and that already amount to more than 800 euros. This same policy could be transferred perfectly to the iPhone range and without a doubt sales would be increased since although it is true that less income would be earned for each iPhone sold since it has a lower price, selling a large volume of these devices could ultimately end up compensating

Here Apple has an important challenge ahead that must be faced in the coming quarters, since we see how the iPhone is losing pull among the masses either because people don't buy them or because they extend the life of their older equipment and don't renew them. It is true that it may be that Apple is not interested in launching a mid-range and wants to sacrifice these benefits because it already has another 'economic leg' to lean on.

Until a few years ago, the iPhone was the main source of income for the company, but with the measures that have been taken now, this has ended up changing completely. As we have seen in the last presentation of the company's economic results, the services category is growing by leaps and bounds in addition to other equipment such as the Apple Watch or the iPad. This could give cause to Apple not to take action regarding the sales of its iPhone since it can continue to support itself in other product categories. This certainly could have been very different a few years ago when it was mainly dependent on the iPhone and this drop that it is suffering right now if it would have caused a little panic in Cupertino.

Apple iPHONE 4

Many think that the rumored iPhone SE 2 may be the solution, but the truth is that this team, based on the rumors we are hearing these days, does not look like it will be a mid-range team by incorporating a latest generation chip . But if you remember, when the first generation iPhone SE was put up for sale thanks to the leftovers that remained in the company, it ended up disappearing after a few minutes thanks to its price. This may be very present in some managers of the company right now.

From my point of view, I think that Apple must understand that it cannot depend on people spending 1,000 euros on one of its devices because with the alternatives on the market it is difficult for someone who does not like technology very much or who If you have a reduced budget, you end up buying it. But it is possible that if they launch a mid-range like other brands cover much more of the market and end up increasing their market share and global importance, which in the end is what most companies want.

This is our vision and you can have another. We encourage you to leave us your impressions on this topic in the comment box.