Shortcuts begins its beta phase among developers — 2022

At WWDC 2018, Apple announced a new native app for our iPhone and iPad that will arrive with iOS 12 in the fall. This app is Shortcuts , which we used to know as Workflow which was bought by Apple itself and it has been seen that they are working hard on this purchase to get the most out of it. The most benefited from this native application will be Siri who will give you more features by being able to create a workflow between our applications natively. From today, developers can start testing it and, of course, take full advantage of it.

Shortcuts becomes available to developers

This application seems very interesting, although if we want to take advantage of it we will have to spend a while finding out what recipes we should make , something that I personally criticized since this would be the only improvement to Siri, and I see it as insufficient and also complex for the most basic users.

This is an app that is currently available in beta for developers, but you won't be able to get it if you have a fake developer profile installed. This is because Apple requires more detailed registration to get this beta on TestFlight, so if you are not a developer be aware of your fees. This beta app is obviously limited so the developers have a fairly low number of shortcuts and options. There are many apps that will be compatible, for exampleFlightRadar24.

Despite this, if you want to try a very similar application I invite you to download Workflow Since basically it is the same, although obviously we hope that Shortcuts will have many more changes and above all that it will be very intuitive for the most basic user.

We will have to wait to see this application working on our iPhone, at least until the fall with the launch of iOS 12, if it is not delayed , although we will surely see a public beta soon depending on the evolution it has in the beta phase for developers.