Several internal Apple videos are leaked showing the repair of various products — 2022

Apple has a problem again. This time it is a leak of a series of videos recorded by the company where show the repair of various products, to send them to Apple employees, but they never see the public light, that is, users never have access to these videos, until now, thanks to this leak that has been made through Reddit.

Official Apple tutorials are leaked to repair their products

As we said, a user of Reddit has published the 11 Apple repair guides that appeared about a month ago on the YouTube platform. These videos will still be kept private as Apple is trying to remove them to prevent anyone who shouldn't see them.

The user in question wanted people to see these videos that he downloaded out of curiosity, and that is why decided to upload them to YouTube and keep them private to prevent them from being removed for breaking community guidelines.

These videos show how to repair an iPhone X, a MacBook Pro, an iMac Pro, an iPad… Unfortunately, these videos won't be available for long since Apple will already be making the appropriate arrangements for the Google platform to eliminate them, so if you are interested in seeing it s in this Reddit thread you will find different links to MEGA for download.

these videos I'm sure they're authentic. , perfectly showing the tools that must be used as well as the process of changing the battery or repairing a Touch Bar. In any case, iFixit offers similar videos where they also explain how to carry out these repairs.

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