Servant information, Apple series: seasons, chapters and more — 2022

On November 28, 2019, Servant arrived on Apple TV +, a series that aroused all kinds of curiosities in the public. After seeing some somewhat disturbing trailers, with a reborn baby as the protagonist, all kinds of ideas about the series began to be launched. Now, with the series already released, we focus each week on the analysis of the chapters of this psychological thriller that is engaging viewers and earning good reviews.


    Director:Tony Basgallop. Executive producers:Tony Basgallop, M. Night Shyamalan, Ashwin Rajan, Jason Blumenthal, Todd Black y Steve Tisch. Photography:Mike Gioulakis Production companies:Blinding Edge Pictures. Distribution channels and platforms:Apple TV+.

Main characters

    Sean Turner:character played by Toby Kebell playing the husband of the Turner couple. He is a professional chef and works from home, a task made more difficult by the loss of his taste buds. Dorothy Turner: Character played by Lauren Ambrosse, who is the other leg of the Turner couple. She is a television reporter and since she lost her son she has been psychologically affected. Leanne Grayson:character played by Nell Tiger Free, playing a young ultra-Catholic woman from Wisconsin entrusted with the strange task of being the internal nanny of the Turner couple's reborn baby.

Secondary characters

    Julian Pearce:character played by Rupert Grint, Dorothy's brother. Tobe:character played by Tony Revolori, Sean's kitchen helper. Matthew Roscoe:character played by Phillip James Brannon, a private detective hired by Julian.

First season

The first season of Servant consists of 10 episodes, which have already been broadcast. On the launch day, November 28, 3 chapters were published, to which a new one followed in the successive weeks along with other premieres in the Apple TV + catalog. Below you will see a description of each one of the episodes issued from the first season, so there may be SPOILER. Therefore, we recommend not reading beyond the last episode of the series you have seen.

Review of the first season of Servant

Initially, it seems that Servant is going to be just another series that promises entertainment, but in no case addiction. However, the levels to which the series advances from the fourth and fifth chapters make it become a kind of audiovisual drug from which it is difficult to get out. The seal of the creator, M. Night Shyamalan, is evident in each of the episodes, both at the script level and, above all, production. The shots are perfect participants to create a harmony of tension and paranoia that at times makes you want to turn off the television, however the intrigue is stronger.

The character of Leanne is presented as a sweet and innocent young woman who is only looking for her first job with which to become independent from her family, however, as the chapters go by, we learn about a very dark past and a hidden personality that are passionate and shocking in parts. same. The small details that the young woman leaves (such as a scene kissing a mirror) make us plot in our heads what her great secret may be, which seems to be revealed towards the end of the season, however, it leaves our souls in suspense. and a lot of unanswered questions.

Chapter 1 (1 × 01): Reborn

servant 1x01

    Release date:November 28, 2019. Duration:34 minutes. Description:Leanne arrives at the Turner home to be in charge of taking care of Jericho, the couple's baby. This is actually a reborn doll, of which Dorothy is not aware of because of the psychological trauma that she left her having lost her real son with only a few weeks of life.

Chapter 2 (1×02): Wood

1x02 servant

    Release date:November 28, 2019. Duration:31 minutes. Description:Leanne is already fully settled in the house, but Sean doesn't quite trust the nanny's strange behavior. He, along with Julian, begins to investigate the young woman in order to find out what she is hiding, but this leaves him in a bad light when she discovers him.

Chapter 3 (1 × 03): Eel

1x03 servant

    Release date:November 28, 2019. Duration:3o minutes. Description:Sean and Julian are still immersed in finding out what Leanne is hiding, so Dorothy's brother, accompanied by detective Matthew, goes to the Wisconsin house where the nanny grew up and they make a discovery that leaves them cold.

Chapter 4 (1×04): Bear

servant 1x04

    Release date:December 6, 2019. Duration:32 minutes. Description:Leanne had been invited by Dorothy to come to work with her, however the invitation was finally declined. Despite this, the nanny went there ignoring the Turner couple. On the other hand, a series of flashbacks show us a dark past of the marriage in relation to her son Jericho.

Chapter 5 (1×05): Cricket

1x05 servant

    Release date:December 13, 2019. Duration:31 minutes. Description:The Turner couple are away from home, leaving Leanne home alone. During this time, the young woman lives a strange situation when she believes she is alone in the house, which is not an impediment for her to forge a new friendship with another nanny in the neighborhood.

Chapter 6 (1×06): Rain

    Release date:December 20, 2019. Duration:32 minutes. Description:The surprise visit of Leanne's uncle destabilizes the Turners' home and more specifically Dorothy's, who fears that she will continue to have the nanny at home. The strange personality and way of acting of the man leads Sean to much.

Chapter 7 (1×07): Haggis

1x07 servant

    Release date:December 27, 2019. Duration:29 minutes. Description:The situation at the Turnets' house could change completely, since the baby's secret could be revealed to Dorothy, putting her mental stability at risk, which could also cause Leanne to be fired from her job as a nanny. To do this, Sean allies himself with Julian and with Leanne herself.

Chapter 8 (1×08): Boba

1x08 servant

    Release date:January 3, 2020. Duration:29 minutes. Description:Sean and Dorothy go out for a glamorous dinner, which Leanne and Tobe take advantage of to go on a date. Julian is left in charge of the baby, but something strange happens that causes him to confront Leanne when she returns and relive Jericho's dark history.

Chapter 9 (1 × 09): Jericho

    Release date:January 10, 2020. Duration:36 minutes. Description:In a trip to the past in the narrative, we meet the dark past of the real Jericho. Sean has had to go to the taping of a popular cooking show, while Dorothy stays home with the little one. The plot takes place between this timeline and the current one, in which Leanne is once again the protagonist with her oddities.

Chapter 10 (1×10): Globe

Servant 1x10

    Release date:January 17, 2020. Duration:32 minutes. Description:Jericho is baptized, a moment that two unexpected characters take advantage of to try to change the plans of the Turner couple. Leanne's macabre past comes into play again, making the plot twist once again decisive.

Second season of Servant

When the first had not even been released, Apple already reported that Servant would have a second season. It finally premiered on January 15, 2021 , being composed again by 10 episodes. These are still being broadcast and a new chapter is released every Friday. The main premise of this new round is to resolve open questions in the first season around the origin of Leanne, although others are also opened. The producers already warned of a supernatural turn of events that is finally evident in these episodes.

Season 2 review

The bar was very high in the first season and it must be said that the first chapter of this new batch brings back some of the sensations, although with the passing of the episodes it seems that it is losing some steam. The mystery and tension continue, but leaving a strange feeling of wanting to move forward at all costs and not only to discover these mysteries, but not to fall asleep, since time passes very slowly in these new chapters. However, it ends up being just a mirage.

The fourth chapter of this second season begins to discover a Dorothy absolutely out of her mind, with a masterful performance by Lauren Ambrosse who knows how to take a deranged character to the extreme and who has many doubts about her abilities. The script twists appear, somewhat less obvious than in the first season, but they are. The viewer comes to feel anger, compassion, empathy and hatred with the same character depending on which chapter she is watching and that nothing is what it seems. The supernatural turn promised in this season is perhaps not as high as intuited, but it can be seen. Also visible, once again, is Shyamalan's brilliant craziness at all levels.

Chapter 11 (2 × 01): Doll

2x01 Servant

    Release date:January 15, 2021. Duration:27 minutes. Description:Leanne has left with Jericho, if that really was the Turner son. Dorothy is desperate to find the nanny and her child, so she begins a relentless search to locate them. Her husband and her brother still don't dare to tell her the whole truth.

Chapter 12 (2 × 02): Astronaut

servant second season

    Release date:January 22, 2021. Duration:26 minutes. Description:Who exactly is Leanne and her mysterious companions? A sect? Sean, Julian and Natalie try to discover what these particular characters are hiding, while Dorothy continues to search for her.

Chapter 13 (2×03): Pizza

2x03 Servant

    Release date:January 29, 2021. Duration:29 minutes. Description:In order to continue their investigation, the Turner family decides to go undercover as a family business. Will it serve them to achieve their purpose?

Chapter 14 (2×04): 02:00

Servant 2x04

    Release date:February 5, 2021. Duration:35 minutes. Description:A very special guest appears at the Turners' house, a fact that allows Dorothy to resort to audacious techniques with which to achieve her purpose.

Chapter 15 (2 × 05): Cake

Apple TV+ Series Servant

    Release date:February 12, 2021. Duration:28 minutes. Description:Dorothy and Sean have a golden opportunity to end their suffering before a very special meeting they are preparing. Leanne for her part prepares a strange cake that will have consequences.

Chapter 16 (2×06): Express


    Release date:February 19, 2021. Duration:26 minutes. Description:The characters are on the verge of collapse after the arrival of an unexpected visitor that, on the other hand, could help them get closer to their final goal.

Chapter 17 (2×07): Marine

servant second season

    Release date:February 26, 2021. Duration:30 minutes. Description:Did Leanne have anything to do with what happened with the Marino family? Uncle George starts to bother the Turners who don't know how to get rid of her presence.

Chapter 18 (2×08): Love Shack

2x08 Servant

    Release date:March 5, 2021. Duration:27 minutes. Description:Leanne and Julian pick up something that seemed to be left open in the first season. Meanwhile, Sean and Dorothy receive a hopeful message that could mean the end of their suffering.

Chapter 19: (2×09): Goose

Servant 2x09

    Release date:March 12, 2021. Duration:27 minutes. Description:Christmas is upon us for the Turner family, who have to pretend to be living a happy Christmas Eve, when inside nothing is right and the tension could be cut with a knife. Jericho's return is getting closer.

Chapter 20 (2×10): Josephine

Servant 2x10

    Release date:March 19, 2021. Duration:30 minutes. Description:In this season finale, a new and unexpected threat arrives that promises to break Dorothy and Sean's relationship, leaving Leanne completely defenseless and giving a new turn to events that is in no way expected.

Third season

At the end of 2020 it was confirmed by Apple that Servant would have a third season. It was also confirmed that this new one would be composed, again, by 10 new episodes like the previous two. It was in November 2021 when the premiere date was officially confirmed, located on January 21, 2022.

Chapter 21 (3×01): Donkey

servant 3x01

    Release date:January 21, 2022. Duration:34 minutes. Description:Three months have passed since the attack that marked the closure of the second season. The Turner family decides to travel to the coast to disconnect. Meanwhile, Leanne takes care of her family and experiences a series of emotions that she did not expect to experience at the time.

Chapter 22 (3 × 02): Hive

servant 3x02

    Release date:January 28, 2022. Duration:25 minutes. Description:Dorothy is hell-bent on arranging Mommy and Me's get-together, while Leanne discovers she's overconfident and shouldn't trust anyone she doesn't know.

Chapter 23 (3×03): Hair

servant 3x03

    Release date:February 4, 2022. Duration:30 minutes. Description:Julian continues to try to find out the truth about Jericho while Leanne begins to look worried because of the new visitors to the park.

Chapter 24 (3×04): Ring

servant 3x04

    Release date:February 11, 2022. Duration:26 minutes. Description:Bad luck and misfortune creep back into the Turners' home, while Leanne continues to look strange when she's in the presence of other people.

Chapter 25 (3×05): Tiger

servant 3x05

    Release date:February 18, 2022. Duration:26 minutes. Description:The family attends a party in the neighborhood of Sprunce Street, with an increasingly comfortable Leanne, although with a real danger behind her back that she is not yet aware of.

Chapter 26 (3×06): Fish

servant 3x06

    Release date:February 25, 2022. Duration:30 minutes. Description:After a disastrous dinner for Sean because of Leanne, Dorothy begins to discover a series of terrifying secrets at the party that is organized in the neighborhood.

Chapter 27 (3×07): Camp

servant 3x07

    Release date:March 4, 2022. Duration:31 minutes. Description:Dorothy, already desperate that she can't get Leanne out of the house, turns to Veera for help. However, the nanny and Jericho seem to be closer than ever and it is not an easy task.

Note: Servant continues to air its third season with a new episode every Friday. Therefore, this post will be updated as they are released.

Fourth season

At the end of 2021, just with the premiere of the first trailer for the third season, it was officially confirmed that the series was renewed for a fourth season. Not much information was given in this regard, although it is intuited that it will be released in late 2022 or early 2023. What was confirmed is that this it will be the last season of the series, thus breaking with the director's idea of ​​making a 60-episode series, although it is unknown if it was his idea to finish it, if it was Apple's or by mutual agreement. The director has other projects agreed with the platform.


  • In February 2018, almost two years before the arrival of Apple TV +, it was learned that one of the contents that the platform would have was a mystery series created and directed by Tony Basgallop. This series was Servant.
  • The first season of the series began filming in November 2018 and ended in March 2019.
  • Although Servant is not one of the best rated series by users, it should be noted that it has had a very good reception by the public . Its average rating on different specialized portals is 6-7 out of 10.
  • M. Night Shyamalan, one of the producers of the series, stated that his idea was that Servant could reach the 60 episodes. Taking into account that its seasons are divided into 10 episodes, this would have been 6 seasons. However, at the end of 2021 it was confirmed that the fourth would be the last with a total of 40 episodes.
  • The street on which the Turner couple's house is located is real, specifically it is located on Spruce St., in the city of Philadelphia . However, the interior of the house is not real, since it is recorded on an artificial set that was assembled in an old paint factory in the county of Delaware (Pennsylvania).
  • Marc Vetri, a popular American chef of Italian descent, was the series' main advisor in writing the culinary aspects of Sean's work into the script.

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