Servant continues to give chills in advance of its second season — 2022

The die-hard fans of the Servant series should already have the day marked in red on the calendar. January 15, 2021 . This is the date on which the new series of M. Night Shyamalan is released. The news broke a few weeks ago and since then a countdown began in which we are going to learn more details with a drop count, something common in Apple TV + series and which, on the other hand, helps us to create greater expectation. Now we have known the first teaser of this season. We analyze it!

Second season plot

Spoiler alert: If you haven't seen the entire first season of Servant, we recommend you stop reading, as we uncover details of that season in the preview of the second.

In the press release sent by Apple to the media we were able to confirm that the new season will again be composed of 10 chapters which will be reissued individually every Friday, so that every week we stay intrigued and have up to 7 days to develop theories about what will happen. Little has been revealed of the story as such, beyond the fact that the mysterious nanny will return to the Turners' house unleashing darkness and with, literally, a supernatural turn of events.

First teaser of the new Servant

No, we don't have an official trailer for the new season of Servant, but we do have a short one-minute video in which we can barely guess anything. However, we do not highlight it as bad news, but rather the opposite. It is precise enough to create mystery and raise expectations, something that the series has already been able to do during its first season and that has made millions of fans around the world hooked on this psychological thriller.

Servant is not a series of fear as many could be today in which scares are the protagonists. This is a series that tries to put fear into the body based on shock effects that on many occasions are not even evident, leaving details that if analyzed are capable of making our skin crawl. This teaser follows this same line and leaves more doubts than certainties, although of the few that we can draw is that darkness will indeed come to the home of this married couple from Philadelphia.

If you are a fan of Apple TV + in general, we recommend you listen to the The Bitten Apple podcast the Friday , since these are the days we spend talking about the platform. This same Friday, David Hebrero and a server will talk about this video and what our expectations are for this long-awaited second season. Therefore, we recommend you not to miss it and that you share your theories with us.