Sending an audio note on WhatsApp will soon be more comfortable — 2022

We have all resorted to sending a voice note on WhatsApp to tell our friend something, and so on. we avoid having to write a paragraph a, something that we obviously appreciate and also our friend who can listen to our story while doing something else and does not let his eyes read. It is very comfortable to hit a button and start recording , but when the message is very long... it becomes quite heavy to have to keep pressing our screen, something that will go down in history in this application according to comments from WABetaInfo.

Soon you will be able to block the recording of a voice note on WhatsApp

whatsapp knows that it is very inconvenient to have to press a button while recording a note. It would be more interesting to give it once and start recording but without the need to keep the screen pressed, that is, as a recorder works, we do not have to press the record button. This will be a reality by moving your finger up when we start recording a voice note, appearing a lock that will mean that you can stop pressing that will not stop the recording.

This we have seen announced by WABetaInfo It is not something new, since this is incorporated by Telegram It's been a while now, and it's exactly the same. If you move your finger up, the system locks and we can also cancel the voice note at any time if we regret it . In this video you can see how it would work.

Although, while you are recording the voice note you will not be able to write, watch videos or images, something obvious, since if you close the conversation the voice note will be cancelled. What you can do is browse the chat. And as I said before, They have not invented anything because Telegram already incorporates it and not recently. We see how WhatsApp copies the competition that clearly has better features that are late to this Facebook application, but which is also the number one in the sector. can still be missedrecord audio with apple watchcomfortably without the iPhone, but surely this is not yet.