Sell ​​your iPhone with confidence in these physical stores — 2022

If you are thinking of buying a new mobile, you may not know what to do with the old one. The smartest thing is sell it to a specialized store to get some money and that in the end the new team will be cheaper. In this article we are going to collect the main physical stores that accept second-hand devices.

Phone House

If you want to have a fast and fair treatment Without a doubt, selling the device in Phone House is one of the best options that we can find when it comes to physical stores. The process is really simple, since through the web you will identify your mobile and you will carry out a questionnaire about it. equipment status to be able to have an approximate price of this.

Once we have this estimate made, we can go to one of the many physical stores that are scattered throughout the territory. When we arrive at the store, we will simply have to give the questionnaire data so that they can rescue it and the employee will check the equipment on site. Once this is done, they will give us a voucher with the final price that It will be delivered to our account within 7 days. This may be the problem, that we will not have the money in hand at the moment but in the end it will be deposited in our account with enough reliability.

Vender iPhone The Phone House

To give us an idea, For our 64 GB iPhone 11 we can get up to 500 euros. With this money, as we have said before, we can choose to buy a new computer.

Check how much they pay for your mobile at Phone House


Although at first we might think that Game is a store specialized solely in video games and game consoles, the truth is that they also sell and buy mobile phones . The system is quite similar to the one that happens when we are going to sell a used game, and that is that there is no web page to make an evaluation as in the previous case.


If you are interested in hearing the money they give you for your iPhone, you can go to a Game store to have them do an on-site assessment.

Cash Converter

Without a doubt, Cash Converter is one of the mythical stores to be able to sell any old thing that we have around our house. And how could it be otherwise, we can also sell our old mobile or to be able to get some revenue from it.

Cash COnverter

We can go to one of the physical stores around the country or go to their website to check the money they will give us on our phone. Obviously everything will depend a lot on the state of the equipment o and it will always be necessary to obtain the IMEI of the device beforehand so that it can be perfectly identified in the store.

Check the price of your iPhone in Cash Converter


CeX recently enabled the possibility of selling mobile devices in its physical stores and also online. In order to know in advance the price of our device, we can access your website and see an approximate valuation although obviously everything will vary. For example, the current purchase prices of different iPhones are as follows:

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 GB: up to €590.
  • iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB: up to €537.
  • iPhone 11 64 GB: up to €450.


We recommend you make the sale in a physical store in your city, although you can always have the website at your disposal to make the assessments.

Check the price of your used iPhone in Cex


Fnac has also ended up adapting to the device buying and selling market. That is why the FnacRepurchase program was opened where you can sell equipment that you no longer use, such as mobile phones, tablets, consoles... You simply have to s get the value of the product on the website It will vary depending on the state you are in. Once this is done, go to the nearest fnac physical store to make the delivery in the post-sale space and take the money instantly.

To give us an idea, the appraised price for the main iPhone is as follows:

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB: up to €572
  • iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB: up to €429.
  • iPhone 11 64 GB: up to €305.

sell fnac

Check the price of your used iPhone at fnac

And you, have you ever sold a mobile on any of these websites? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.