Goodbye Apple Events! Change in tvOS app — 2022

Those who have an Apple TV and are also fans of the Californian company would already be used to following the company's events from a special app called Apple Events. From the presentation of an iPhone, to the inaugural days of the Conferences for Developers. However, this has changed in recent hours, since this app disappears and is integrated into the Apple TV app. We tell you everything in detail below.

Follow Apple events in a single app

Theapple tv appit is increasingly integrated into the company's devices and specifically into the device that bears the same name as it. There we can find different content, such as the series, movies and programs of Apple TV +, which is also joined by the catalog of the defunct iTunes, having a multitude of content available to buy or rent. Now we must also add the past events of Apple and the new ones, since it will be through it that events such as WWDC 2020 can be followed live, which will begin next Monday at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time.

Apple Event

If you already had Apple Events installed on your Apple TV, when you enter you will see that it redirects you to the App Store to update the application. Once you have updated it, you will see that it is still present on your computer, although with a change of logo. However, it informs you when you enter that Apple events can only be followed through the other application, in which you will also find those that were already broadcast. Indeed, when you enter the Apple TV app you can find said content. This also occurs within the framework of Monday's event, since the firm led by Tim Cook seems to want to leave everything propped up so that it can be followed comfortably.

WWDC 2020 on various platforms

With La Manzana Mordida, whether on this website, our YouTube channel or our social networks, you can be aware of everything that is shown on theWWDCnext Monday. If you want to follow the event as such, through Apple streaming, you can do it from the aforementioned application, but also from Apple's own YouTube channel and the special page enabled on its website. This year the company will favor streaming more than ever because it will be the only way to follow it because it is one hundred percent virtual, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WWDC 2020 Apple

There are many rumors that have been in these months and that are taking shape in recent days. From possible presentations of products such as the iMac to the details of the most desired operating systems, such as iOS 14. It is precisely the latter that has monopolized the main rumors in recent hours, such as the possibility that it will be called iPhoneOS as it already happened with that of the iPad last year. Be that as it may, there is very little left to find out.