See, the Jason Momoa series that sweeps Apple TV + — 2022

See is undoubtedly one of the star productions of Apple TV +, not only because we saw it at the official launch of the platform, but also because it tells a tremendously interesting story of overcoming and survival. The characters in this Apple original series stand out for be blind , this being the most normal of all humanity living in a post-apocalyptic world. To such an extent is the fact that being blind is normal, that having the 'gift' of seeing is considered witchcraft.

Production and actors involved

Behind this cinematographic work you can find a large cast of professionals who are responsible for offering all the contents of this series. From the production team to the actors who bring the characters of the series to life. They are all important in their position, and below we will explain those most relevant names.

Production team

    Creator: Steve Knight Director:Francis Lawrence Executive producer:Francis Lawrence, Steven Knight, Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping and Kristen Field. Music:Bear McCleary Production companies:Chernon Entertainment y Endeavor Content. Recording location:Canada Distributor platforms:Apple

Main characters and actors

Baba Voss

    Baba Vossinterpreted by Jason Momoa, a tribal warrior and adoptive father of two children who were born in his village with vision after hundreds of years without anyone being born with this 'gift'. These children are not his but he considers them as such. Queen Kane,interpreted by Sylvia Hoeks, an evil queen who seeks to kill the children who have the gift of seeing, as well as reunite with her lover who fled from the palace. Although her obsession with looking for these children will cause her kingdom to falter. Paris,interpreted by Alfre Woodard, a wise woman from the village who understands the evolution of these children who have the ability to see. Maghra,interpreted by Hera Hilmar , wife of Baba Voss and biological mother of these children who have the ability to see. Her most important goal in her life is to protect her children from any evil such as Queen Kane. Tamacti Junembodied by Christian Camargo is the general of Queen Kane's army, whose mission is to lead his men in pursuit of the children they can see. Kofun,interpreted by Archie Madekwe , one of the children who has the ability to see. next to his Haniwa sister, interpreted by In this Cooper, they try to survive and nourish themselves with knowledge from various books. Bow Lion,played by Yadira Guevara-Prip, a fierce ally of Baba Voos and members of the Alkenny Tribe. She has the ability to move without being detected by sound or smell.

Synopsis, trailer and already aired episodes

At the beginning of the 21st century, a virus ravaged humanity completely, killing all human beings on the planet, except for two million. The population was reduced to practically nothing in the entire globe. Although, the survivors did not come out completely free of pathologies since they lost their sense of sight. The SEE series itself takes place centuries after this event, so you can see how new ways of communicating between people, building or hunting have been developed. Such is the point that these people do not remember the presence of this virus and it has not transcended what society was like before this virus.

The series stars Baba Voss the chief of the Alkenny tribe who marries Maghra who comes to the tribe asking for help. Baba cannot father children but the woman was already three months pregnant. She is pregnant with Jerlamarel who is wanted by the Queen for being considered a heretic for having the ability to see. Now both he and his children are in danger, and it will be up to Baba Voss to protect both his family and the tribe from the Queen's army that is after them to hunt down the children they can see.

First season (2019)

The first season of See premiered on November 1, 2019 , being one of the series with which Apple TV + was released. At that time a total of three episodes were released, and then each week a new episode was released. This was until the eighth and last chapter of this first season was reached. In the first chapters you can begin to know the history of this society, explaining how the capacity and organization of the lands have been lost. Beyond this, you also begin to see the plot very quickly. At first you will hardly understand what exactly is happening, but later everything becomes clear, being mainly a matter of jealousy on the part of a Queen who has a great plot behind her back.

Chapter 1 (1 × 01): The flame of God

SEE Apple TV+

    Release date: November 1, 2019. Duration: 57 minutes. Plot: Queen Kane, ruler of Payan-Ne-Shan, falls in love with a heretic who has the ability to see but who escapes, starting a long chase. Meanwhile, in the village of the Alkenny tribe, Maghra gives birth to two twins, but Queen Kane's army appears at the gates of this small town. Here begins a long flight from the army to start a life away from the old village, without really knowing why.

Chapter 2 (1 × 02): Message in a bottle

    Release date: November 1, 2019. Duration: 56 minutes. Plot:after managing to escape the Alkenny tribe, they settle in a new location. Baba Voss meets the heretic Queen Kane was in love with and gives him a series of books for his children to read when they grow up. But not everything is good, since the mother of the twins has discovered that they can see and tries to hide it from everything. It is clear that their children must rebuild the world, but if they can leave it will be complicated. Will their mother stop protecting them from heretic hunters?

Chapter 3 (1 × 03): Fresh blood

    Release date: November 1, 2019. Duration: 56 minutes. Plot:The Alkenny tribe realizes that they must mix their blood to prevent sick people from being born, so they march to the Autumn Festival to achieve this goal with the youngest of the village. Meanwhile, in Kayan, General Tamacti Jun returns without having fulfilled his mission but a strange message causes him to be sent again with a new mission, will he finally capture the 'heretic' children? Who is sending these mysterious messages?

Chapter 4 (1 × 04): The River

    Release date: November 8, 2019. Duration: 52 minutes. Plot:The Queen's army arrives at the Alkenny tribe demanding the delivery of the young 'heretics', but they do not make it easy for them since they decide to flee in a boat made by Baba Voss himself to everyone's surprise. They undoubtedly venture to an uncertain destination down the river without knowing if the objective they are pursuing is real or not. Will the young 'heretics' manage to survive this adventure?

Chapter 5 (1 × 05): Plastic

    Release date:November 15, 2019.. Duration:51 minutes. Plot:After the spectacular escape that was seen at the end of episode six, the group of escapees arrives at a village that is built with the remains of discarded plastics. But in this village they are not alone since when they go into it to retrieve their bag with personal belongings they find a great beast that they cannot go unnoticed because everything indicates that it has vision. How can this be in a world where everyone is blind except for two 'heretics'? The Queen is not having the best time of her either since an appearance of her makes her life change completely, will she be ready for her new life?

Chapter 6 (1×06): Silk

see episode 6

    Release date:November 22, 2019. Duration:54 minutes. Plot:The episode starts off extremely interesting as it is stated that Maghra is dead but no one believes her until Maghra's bag is found covered in blood and mud. The relationship with Boots is getting worse and worse for everything that causes them along the way to such an extent that many conflicts begin to be created between the remaining family. After a series of events they end up in an underground tribe that no one knows anything about... will they finally be able to follow their path and achieve the ultimate goal of founding a new world? The queen is the one who is not having a very good time because she has been forced to replace the throne with a silk farm. Though her acting ability allows her to finally hatch an incredibly curious plan, will she once again return to her throne to pray or will she stay on the farm forever?

Chapter 7 (1 × 07): The path of lavender


    Release date:November 29, 2019. Duration:49 minutes. Plot:If you thought that the story of Queen Kane had ended, you were very wrong, since a search is organized to rescue her where Maghra himself participates. Obviously the rescue is not without blood as there is an incredible fight going on. As for Baba Voss and the rest of the pilgrims, they continue walking without a clear destination but they find a path that divides into three forks and they must choose appropriately to avoid falling into traps or end up getting lost and finding death.

Chapter 8 (1 × 08): House of Revelation


    Release date:December 6, 2019. Duration:55 minutes. Plot:To prevent a mutiny in the kingdom, it is proposed that Queen Kane abdicate the throne to her sister but unsurprisingly she refuses. Maghra reacts to this refusal with a monumental dispute with her sister where she brings up dirty laundry from the past, such as her relationship with her father. Here the Queen has a big problem to solve that will undoubtedly cost her a lot since she must get her authority back. In the other part of the plot, we find Haniwa and Kofun finally meeting their father Jerlamarel. But not everything is rosy, since they are in danger with Jerlamarel and this is not going to be allowed by Baba Voss who goes by radio for his sons facing Jerlamarel.

Second season (2021)

With only three chapters released on the platform, Apple gave the order to produce a second season of the series, specifically on November 7, 2019. In this way, continuity was given to one of the series that the Apple service had inaugurated as such. TV+. It also corresponded to a very good review by the public that made Apple continue down this same path. The chapters of this season were also kept at eight as in the previous season. The first of them was finally released on August 27, 2021 .

Chapter 9 (2×01): Brothers and sisters

    Release date: August 27, 2021. Duration: 62 minutes. Plot: The first episode of this second season begins with Baba Voss showing off his fighting skills with a small group and exploration. All this while he goes to locate Haniwa who has been kidnapped discovering one of the secrets that Lieutenant Wren has that he will try to use for his own benefit. Meanwhile, the Queen continues to develop her strategy after having suffered the usurpation of the throne by creating a new capital in Pennsa, although it will not take long for her to start generating serious problems.

Chapter 10 (2×02): Forever

    Release date: September 3, 2021. Duration: 60 minutes. Plot: Baba Voss suffers the consequences of trying to save Haniwa, something that was not successful. But beyond this, Baba Voss's tormentor is taking advantage to take revenge. Specifically, we are talking about Edo that relentlessly whips Voss for a reason that is revealed later in the episode. For his part, Kane continues to try to create a new capital in Penssa but without following anyone's advice. This will have quite serious consequences in the ongoing war for the throne.

Chapter 11 (2 × 03): The Compass

    Release date: September 10, 2021. Duration: 54 minutes. Plot: Edo must pay for the escape of Baba, Haniwa or Tamacti Jun. But although they ask him not to obsess over the people they see, he orders them to be recaptured. Likewise, the leadership of Edo has been in doubt now with this escape that was seen in the previous chapter. On this path, both Baba's relationship with his brother is known, as well as the truth about Haniwa's mother who is heading towards Pennsa. During his journey he meets a secret tribe of warriors known as the Compass.

Chapter 12 (2 × 04): The Witch Hunter

    Release date: September 17, 2021. Duration: 46 minutes. Plot: Baba Voss and Haniwa continue on their way to Pennsa, analyzing everything that happened. But Voss is not sick meeting a faithful friend who tries to help them, although sometimes reluctantly. For his part, Kofun arrives in Pennsa and tries to get Maghra out of a series of commitments that will turn everything upside down in the unfolding plot.

Chapter 13 (2×05): Dinner

    Release date: September 24, 2021 Duration: 53 minutes Plot: Although it has taken many episodes, Baba Voss is finally reunited with his family after a long journey that has kept them completely apart. Although, as expected, happiness does not last for a long time since the Queen is making some decisions that she will once again put on their guard for fear of being captured as heretics.

Chapter 14 (2×06): Silk

    Release date: November 22, 2019. Duration: 54 minutes. Plot: Queen Kane uses all her intellect to be able to have a seer son by deceiving Kofun himself by seducing him and sleeping with him. Meanwhile Baba Voss tries to carry out different negotiations to have peace with the deniers. Although, as Paris predicted at the beginning of the episode, Baba Voss's family suffers a betrayal that was expected, ending all the plans that had been organized.

Chapter 15 (2 × 07): The queen's speech

    Release date: October 8, 2021. Duration: 52 minutes. Plot: The betrayal of Queen Kane that we saw in the previous episode begins to have the first consequences that are already requested to be seen in this article. This betrayal forces Maghra to act and make decisions in order to counter this betrayal. Given this, Haniwa also makes a last request to Wren to be able to resume the peace agreement attempt that restores the failure of the previous episode.

Chapter 16 (2×08): Go to sleep

    Release date: October 15, 2021. Duration: 62 minutes. Plot: the season finale episode that will mark a before and after. Bad relations between Baba and Edo come to a head. Both will lead their corresponding armies in an epic battle that will make both brothers finally face each other and try to bury all the differences that existed, leaving one standing.

Third season

Without even waiting for the impact that the second season of See would have, Apple renewed the series for a third season. Specifically, this announcement was made in June 2021, giving details such as the start of filming, which would be in May 2021 and would end in October. That is why it is expected that the launch of this third season can take place at the end of 2023 .