Screen protector for iPad, is it recommended? — 2022

The majority of users always choose to protect the screen of their iPhone with tempered glass, however, the percentage of those who do it on the iPad is the opposite, so in this article we want to reflect on what are the cases in which if you should protect the screen of your iPad, and in which ones you should not, so that, later, you are the ones who make the decision based on your needs.

When is it not worth it?


The iPad is a truly versatile device, which adapts to almost 99% of the demands of all users, being able to fulfill the functions of productivity or entertainment of practically all people.

When deciding if it is really worth protecting the screen of our iPad or not, we have to reflect on what is the use that we are going to make of our device since depending on this it will be advisable to protect our screen, or on the contrary, we can choose to enjoy 100% of the fantastic screen that our iPad mounts.

If the place where we are going to use the iPad is going to be, in most cases, our home, and also the use is going to be usually oriented to productivity and office work, it really is not worth investing in a screen protector since the risk of suffering any damage to the screen is minimal. If, in addition, you add to this that you use your iPad with a keyboard such as the SmartKeyboard folio, Logitech Slim Folio or Magic Keyboard, the risk is further reduced because, when you do not use your iPad, it will be protected with keyboard.

Finally, those users who are going to use the iPad solely and exclusively with their Apple Pencil, may come to think that the use of this accessory, in the long run, may damage the device screen , however, it would be strange if Apple provided an accessory that, when used, would damage the iPad, so as long as Apple Pencil is used properly and responsibly, a screen protector is not necessary.

In which cases is it advisable?


It could be advisable, to a greater extent, if most of the time you are going to use your iPad with its corresponding Apple Pencil, since in this case, it is usually used without any type of cover, resting on some surface, which entails, in some moment it can suffer some slip and in case of fall, the screen protector could save the screen of the device. Even so, the risk of this happening is minimal.

On the other hand, if the place of use of our iPad is going to vary a lot between our house, university, library and/or cafeterias, and, in addition, we do not have any case that can protect our iPad inside our backpack and / or bag , then the use of a screen protector would be highly recommended to prevent the rubbing that may occur inside the backpack with any of the other products that are inside, from damaging the screen of our iPad.

The risk is greater if, in addition, we usually work a lot with our iPad while on the move, whether on the train, bus or subway. Here we must take into account external factors that surround us and that, given the case, can cause our iPad to suffer unexpected falls, for which, having a screen protector, can cause the device to come out of the scare unharmed.

Tips for placing a screen protector on iPad


  • Cleaning the screen is a fundamental section when it comes to correctly placing a screen protector on our iPad. Do it with a lint-free cloth and make sure the screen is free of fingerprints and particles.
  • The use of abrasive liquids when cleaning the screen is prohibited. When purchasing a screen protector, it usually includes a small liquid towel, however, if you choose to purchase a separate liquid, make sure that it is suitable for cleaning the screens of technological products.
  • The cheap ends up being expensive, therefore, try to find a suitable option in terms of quality / price.
  • Please make sure the compatibility of the screen protector with your iPad.
  • Patience, when placing it we must be very scrupulous and put all our senses so that the screen protector is perfect and is almost invaluable when it comes to enjoying our iPad.

These are the tips that we consider essential when choosing to place a screen protector on our iPad ourselves. Also, keep in mind that in many specialized technology stores you can choose to have the store's professionals put the screen protector on your iPad, perhaps this is the most recommended to ensure that our iPad fits perfectly.