Save space on iPhone by storing photos in iCloud — 2022

The photos and videos of our iPhone have become increasingly important as they acquire better cameras. This however has a clear disadvantage and that is that they can take up a lot of space that deprives us of continuing to store more or the possibility of installing applications. But there is a way to make them not take up so much by storing them in iCloud. In this post we tell you how you can do it.

Ways to save your photos in the cloud

Although initially it may seem that there is only one way to store photos in the Apple cloud, the truth is that the Cupertino company, through iCloud, offers you different very interesting possibilities so that you can save all your photos safely and rest assured that you will not lose them.

Turn on iCloud Photo Library on iPhone

The process of storing photos and videos in iCloud is automatic, since you will not have to do anything manually. However, you will have to have activated an option previously so that it can be carried out. For this you must go to Settings > Photos and activate the option iCloud Photos.

iCloud Photos Settings iPhone

It should be noted that you will still be able to see this content in the Photos app on your iPhone, but you can specify if you want optimize storage The download original photos . If you don't want them to take up too much space, you should activate the first option. You should also know that these photographs will be visible on other computers such as iPad and Mac if you also enabled the option on them. Yes indeed, don't delete the photos of the app, since in that case they will also be deleted from iCloud.

Another benefit of uploading your photos to iCloud is that you can recover them even if you restore the iPhone . Even by restoring without a backup, you can have them synchronized with other data and information such as Safari bookmarks, contacts or messages. All this is managed from Settings> your name> iCloud activating the corresponding options.

Store photos in iCloud Drive

The iCloud name actually refers to a complete service in which iCloud Drive is distinguished as the cloud storage system. In other words, our own desktop in the cloud like the one we can have on other platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive. here we can store any type of file and access it from any device with internet access, even if it's not from Apple.

If you want to remove any trace of your photos and videos from the Photos app, but you don't want to lose them completely, you can use this service to keep them safe. To do this you must follow these steps:

Upload iCloud Drive photos

  1. Access the Photos app from the iPhone
  2. Choosethose photos and videos that you want to import to iCloud.
  3. Press the button to share In the bottom left.
  4. Click on Copy photos.
  5. Go to the Files app.
  6. Find or create the folder where you want to paste the items, make a long press and click on the option Paste.

The process of pasting the photos may be more or less fast depending on the size of the files and your internet connection, since they will have to be uploaded to the server. Once they have been uploaded, you can delete those photos from the Photos app without worrying about losing them, since they will still be in iCloud Drive.

For access photos from other devices you'll need to go to the Files app if it's another iPhone or iPad, through Finder if you have a Mac, and from the iCloud app on a Windows PC. On an Android device you will have to access from the iCloud website , which is also operative in the previous ones, although it is a less comfortable method considering that they have an app optimized for their systems.

Use shared albums to save space

One of the tricks that Apple allows you to do to save storage space on both the iPhone and iCloud is shared albums. These are initially created so that all users can share their photos. Obviously, these have to have an Apple account. To be able to access them, everyone has to have an internet connection, and in addition, you can make comments on each photograph and even give it a like.

However, what really matters to us in this case is the possibility that these shared albums give to save storage space. The operation of these means that all the photos that you put in these shared albums do not take up space on your iPhone or in your iCloud account, that is, Apple is responsible for storing them for free. In order to create a shared album, you just have to follow the steps that we leave you below.

  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Go to the Albums tab.
  3. Press the + button.
  4. Select New Shared Album.
  5. Choose a name for the album.
  6. Click on Next.
  7. Choose the people you want to share the album with.
  8. Click Create.

How much does iCloud cost?

As you can imagine, the fact of having storage in the Apple cloud is not free, although it is true that the Cupertino company initially gives 5 GB free to all users who have a device with the apple. However, as soon as you consume this storage space and want more, you will have to checkout to be able to expand it. Fortunately, the prices for contracting iCloud are not particularly high, in addition to having, as we will tell you now, the possibility of saving some money with the Apple One plans if, in addition to iCloud, you also want to contract other services from the Cupertino company.

iCloud pricing available

There is a downside to iCloud storage, as this it's not free. When you create an Apple ID you get 5 GB for free, but in many cases this is not enough to store your photos and other files. Therefore you must resort to payment of a monthly fee with which to obtain more space. The prices in Spain are these:

    50 GB:for 0.99 euros per month. 200 GB:for 2.99 euros per month. 2 TB:for 9.99 euros per month.

In principle, we believe that a rate of 50 GB may be enough for many people, but if you want to gain health so as not to be at the limit, the 2.99 euro rate will be enough for you almost always. If, in addition to the photos, you are planning to store numerous files, the 2 TB would be convenient. You can check the rates according to your country in the apple website . We recommend you see our article on howbuy more iCloud spacefor more information.

iCloud iOS

Apple One plans could work for you

Apple has a series of packages that include several subscriptions to services with an interesting saving of money compared to their purchase separately. If you want to have access to platforms such as Apple Music, Apple Arcade or Apple TV +, in addition to having an extra fee of 200 GB of iCloud storage, you can contract one of these packages. In order to do so, you just have to go to Settings > your name > Subscriptions . There you will see access to contracting Apple One plans, as well as the available prices. The iCloud space that is added with these plans is added to the one you already had, so if you do not have anything contracted you will have a total of 205 GB, 250 GB if you contract the basic iCloud plan, 400 with the intermediate plan and 2,200 GB with the 2TB. Then we leave you the different existing Apple One plans.

    • Price: 14.95 euros/month.
    • Apple Music.
    • Apple TV+.
    • Apple Arcade.
    • iCloud+ with 50 GB.
    • Price: 19.95 euros/month.
    • Apple Music.
    • Apple TV+.
    • Apple Arcade
    • iCloud+ with 200 GB.
    • Price: 28.95 euros/month.
    • Apple Music.
    • Apple TV+.
    • Apple Arcade
    • iCloud+ with 2TB.
    • Apple Fitness+.