Save almost €50 on the purchase of AirPods 2 with this offer — 2022

AirPods have already become a symbol of Apple. Apple's bluetooth headphones arrived at the end of 2016 with certain doubts about their design and price. However, these have ended up selling large quantities and even causing the competition to decide to enter this sector of accessories. The price of the second generation of AirPods is not really low, but from time to time some offers like the one shown below come up.

Succulent offer of AirPods 2 on Amazon

The AirPods 2 were launched on the market last March in a surprising way, and we were not very convinced that they were going to undergo an update. The main novelty of these headphones compared to the first generation lies in the chip H1 which allows some new actions like summon siri . Also new in this generation was the case with wireless charging capability using the Qi standard.

airpods 2 offer

You can access this AirPods 2 offer by clicking here

As you can see, at Amazon we found these AirPods 2 with a price of €180 , a price of €49 less than the €229 that this product originally costs at Apple. It should be noted that you will have the same guarantee during the first year that you would get buying them from Apple. The product is 100% new, comes packed and is original. The reason for finding it at this price is that since Amazon is a company with a large daily turnover, it can afford to make these types of offers from time to time.

As we said, these AirPods 2 include some new features that, despite not being revolutionary, represent a notable difference with the first generation. A greater autonomy and improvement in sound quality are evident in these headphones with respect to the previous ones.

If you are considering purchasing these headphones again because you have lost them, we recommend that you do not throw in the towel yet and follow thecorresponding steps to be able to find your AirPodsmissing.

However, if you consider that this offer does not convince you but you want some AirPods, you can buy the first generation that also includes a succulent offer with which you stay in €149.99 compared to the original €179 they had. You can access this offer by clicking here .

So, if you are looking to buy Apple headphones and you are not decided, Now is the time. Take advantage of the offer, since you could have them at home in just one day. Remember that you can also return any imperfection or dissatisfaction with the product or request a replacement without any problem.

Do you have any questions with this offer or with the AirPods? You can ask us in the comment box.