Save almost €100 on the purchase of an iPhone XR with this offer — 2022

Generally Apple is the one that dictates the prices of its devices, and in the case of the iPhone it was not going to be less. However, there are times when some stores, whether physical or online, offer succulent discounts on these devices. Here we bring you an iPhone XR offer with which you can save almost €100, not insignificant considering that they are not exactly cheap devices in themselves. Read on and we'll tell you everything.

Succulent offer for the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR has been the great star of Apple in recent months. Its lower price than that of the iPhone XS and XS Max is accompanied by features similar to these and a wide range of colors in which the device looks really good. And yes, there is little more than a month left to discover the new iPhone, but this XR is still very appealing.

Offer iPhone XR

You can buy the iPhone XR with a €90 discount by clicking here

We found the iPhone XR for a price of €769, which represents a saving of €90 compared to the €859 that this device originally cost. The product is from Amazon, but it is new and 100% and it also has with all Apple guarantees as if you had bought it in an Apple Store. The reason for finding these offers is that since Amazon is a company that bills millions of dollars a month, you can afford these discounts from time to time.

As we said, this offer is temporary and therefore we recommend you hurry if you want to get hold of it. As for the iPhone XR, we can tell you that it is a terminal that more than meets what is asked of it thanks to its processor. A12 Bionic , identical to the XS. In the photographic section, which may be what takes us back the most, we can guarantee that despite having a single lens, it is capable of great shots even in portrait mode software powered. You can also find this discount atbuy as a business on appleto have all these discounts and also other advantages.

The internal memory capacity in which this offer device is available is 64GB , a good amount of space that if combined with cloud storage services is more than enough. At the time of writing this article and is available in all colors (black, white, yellow, blue, coral and red).

if you want one 256 GB capacity is also on offer, although in this case €80 making the terminal cost €949 compared to the €1,029 that the device would originally cost in that capacity. To access this offer, simply enter the link indicated above and select said capacity.