Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X, which is faster? — 2022

There are two great rivals in the world of telephony: Apple and Samsung . When there are new flagships on the market from these two brands, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X , of course, they put them to the test in all aspects to see which one is better, and which company you have done your homework well in 2017 . Is the iPhone X faster than the Note 8? It is something that has been resolved in this speed test that we show you below.

iPhone X or Note 8, which is the fastest?

Obviously the way in which the speed is going to be evaluated is indicative because it will ultimately depend on everything we have on our device and how we have taken care of it. That is why we will never have a result that we can give as definitive but if you can guide us to see in the day to day which terminal can work better, the Note or the iPhone, facing two processors: the Exynos against the A11 Bionic. We must take into account the differences in RAM, the different screens, the different operating systems...

This is a test It basically consists of opening a series of applications and seeing the time it takes to open and close all of them. After this, it is also evaluated how fast they are, or not, when opening the applications that are in the background.

In the first phase, all the applications that have been proposed are opened, which are very typical on a day-to-day basis. In this, the Note 8 is the one that wins by a landslide opening all apps faster than iPhone X.

Going to the second phase, reopening the applications that are in the background, things balance out, bringing both terminals very close. Does this mean that we should not close the applications on the iPhone X?

What we have learned is that the Note 8 destroys the iPhone X, and this may indicate how poorly optimized iOS 11 can be and we hope that this will change to better update after update.

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