Safari 14 is now available on Macs in the absence of macOS Big Sur — 2022

Yesterday there were the launches of the new Apple operating systems with the exception of thenew macOS Big Sur. However, there is a new feature of this operating system that is already present on Macs without the need to reach this version: Safari 14. The new version of the native Mac browser can be install on macOS Catalina. We will tell you below how you can install it and what new features it brings.

How to install Safari 14 on Mac

Actually this Safari 14 is an update of the version that already comes in macOS 10.15.16. The way to update it is very simple, going to System Preferences > Software Update . Here the new version of the browser will appear as if it were a system update. The download and subsequent installation takes really little time. As a general rule, it is not even necessary to restart the Mac, so it can be operational in a few seconds depending on your Internet connection. If you have any problems with the browser, remember thetricks to speed up safari on mac.

Main news in Safari 14

macOS Big Sur Safari

When you open Safari after having updated it, you will find some other visual and, above all, functional differences. Here we leave you a summary with the most interesting:

  • The browser is now a 50% faster than Google Chrome .
  • Changed appearance of the bookmarks window, which now appear with smaller icons in the center. The ability to view Siri Suggestions, Privacy Reports, and Reading List can be configured with the right mouse button or trackpad. You can also have a background image.
  • Reports can be displayed where it is specified that crawl do web pages what do you visit It is visible by clicking on the shield icon that appears next to the url box.
  • If there is a password stored in the keychain with Safari, it will inform us if it has been compromised, compromising our privacy.
  • The translator is added in this version, being able to translate the pages quickly and easily.
  • Developer tools have been improved for creating extensions it means. In fact, they will be able to easily enable existing extensions in Chrome to import them into Safari. It should be noted that these are available in the Mac App Store.

Notably not all news is already available how are the improvements ofSafari privacy on iOS. An example of this is the translator or extensions, which have not fully arrived. Also some aesthetic details like background images are missing. Possibly this will just be completed when Big Sur arrives, this being an update with privacy and security improvements focused on those Mac computers whose latest version of the system will be Catalina.