Yes, WhatsApp could suspend your account, but not for the reason of the viral hoax — 2022

A hoax is being created WhatsApp that is going viral with information that is not really true. Publications where no source is included. We have investigated and no, WhatsApp is not monitoring your conversations to delete your account in case of violating some of its policies.

The message that is being shared by various means refers to information reflected on the WhatsApp blog, where they allegedly state that: Yes we believe that a user is violating the Terms of Service, we will suspend their account even without notice.

If true, the courier service staff would be monitoring and tracking all conversations of users, sharing confidential information between its developers. When looking for the source of origin, the only thing we can see in most media is that they refer to the WhatsApp blog or a blog, but without any link to it.

WhatsApp denies it

depending on the medium Millennium , have had access to representatives of the application, where they have denial that WhatsApp can delete your account if they observe that you share defamatory, obscene, threatening, hateful, racist, offensive content and other action that could affect third parties through its observers.

These same representatives of the app, added to the medium Millennium what: Many messaging apps encrypt messages between you and their servers, but WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption ensures you that only you and the person with which you are communicating can read what is sent and nobody in the middle, not even WhatsApp

If we visit the Web page of the largest instant messaging application and owned by Facebook , not refers at no time to what is being disclosed by certain blogs with a domino effect. Ending like the game of the telephone, that is, the last one who listens to the information throws another type of information that is not true.

The official WhatsApp blog

Specifically, on the WhatsApp blog, it does not say anything about it in the latest posts published. The latest publications In the official blog, they talk about the following topics:

  • We present the WhatsApp Business application, published on January 18, 2018
  • Delete Messages for Everyone, Posted Oct 31, 2017
  • Share your location in real time, published on October 17, 2017
  • Building for people, and now also for companies, published on September 5

We can continue reading previous news, but in no case there is some news that the instant messaging application could delete your account if they see that you are violating their Terms and Services. But instead, we do find something similar in the FAQ. Specifically in the General/Account and profile section:

That is the only information that comes closest to the hoax what is being created about what WhatsApp can delete your account if they see an inappropriate profile picture, as well as statuses or your own messages that can annoy someone . When really, what it tells us is that they can suspend your account if you violate the rules of their Terms of Use or cause damage to third parties. As long as, be reported by a user , but in no case, WhatsApp will act ex officio because it is reading your conversations or status permanently.

Some additional reasons why WhatsApp could suspend your account They would be for pretending to be someone else, sending automated spam messages, creating a large number of groups with strangers or being reported by other users on several occasions.

For WhatsApp to study whether to suspend an account or not, it first needs to be reported by another or other users through the spam report . If these receive several reports (they do not specify a minimum number) of spam towards the same account, then the suspension would proceed, even without prior notice.

Even so, we have an allegation time, where after 72 hours, your contacts will not see you in their lists if the allegation has not been successful. But in any case, it is the users themselves who have to report an account, not WhatsApp .

Did you get this hoax by WhatsApp?