iPad 2019 and iPad mini 5 rumors continue — 2022

We are just a few weeks away from the first Apple Keynote this year and that is why many users have begun to make their lists of what they expect to see at this event. Between these wishes enter the presentation of the new generation of cheap iPad and the truth is that the rumors about these new iPad are back on the table.

New rumors emerge around the new generation of iPad in 2019

The first of the clues that have emerged today related to the new iPads has been given on Twitter with a tweet from CoinX. If it's true that this mysterious guru doesn't show much of his hair online but when he does, he hits pretty good. In this tweet that we leave you below, he states that Apple is working on two iPads. These iPad would have as a difference the size of the screen since one would be 10.2″ and one would be 10.5″.

In the message he wanted to make it clear that these iPads would not be launched at the same time but that they are working on them . The 10.2″ would be the evolution of theiPad 2019 , but the one with a 10.5″ screen could inaugurate a new generation that would not be the Pro. It is possible that they take advantage of the design of the iPad Pro in this model but with worse features, similar to what they have done with the iPhone XR but It is something that would seem strange to us despite the good growth that iPad sales are having.

To these two iPads must be added the rumors of an iPad mini 5, although we may have too many similar devices on the market since this device can be quite similar in most of its generations , which would make theipad mini screen protectors, were fully compatible with this new model. We are not aware of the plans that Apple may have in order to continue working to convert the iPad into a computer, although it is clear that before releasing many options first they must offer a competent iPad operating system and open to prevent it from limiting the potency of this amazing product.

Another piece of information that we have been able to see regarding these products is a cover spread by the media 91Mobiles that e would belong to the iPad mini 5 respecting all the rumors published on the net. As you can see, the design would be identical, something that does not surprise us since they would try to reduce costs as much as possible. Rumors suggest that we will only see a variation in the microphone, in the data connection reception antennas and little else.

ipad mini 5 case

We are waiting to see if next March 25 we end up leaving doubts regarding the launch of these iPad.