Review Apple Watch Series 7, to what extent is it worth it? — 2022

The Apple Watch is a device that is always at the two extremes. There are users who don't even take it into account, but nevertheless, there are many other users who practically cannot live without it. In this case, we want to talk to you about the Apple Watch Series 7, the model that Apple presented in September 2021, to tell you everything you need to know about it to see if it's really worth buying. Let's go there.

What does this Apple Watch bring new?

Usually, after the launch of such a device, what most interests all users is what new features does it bring with respect to the previous generation, that is, with respect to the Apple Watch Series 6. Well, that is exactly where we are going to start talking to you about the novelties that Apple has introduced in the Apple Watch Series 7.

The screen has increased

Surely one of the two most important sections of these smartphones is their screen, and just that is one of the novelties that the Cupertino company has introduced in this new model. Apparently, and if you compare the Series 7 with the Series 6 with both devices turned off, there is no difference, however, when the screen turns on is when you will be able to appreciate that the screen of the Apple Watch Series 7 has grown .

apple watch face

Now this new model has two different screen sizes, that is, without making the watch case vary in size. The large model has gone from having a 44mm screen to a 45mm screen , while the smallest model changes its 40 mm for the new 41mm . Surely, after the increase of one millimeter in each of the different sizes, you wonder if this really shows in daily use, and the reality is that it does.

In fact, Apple has also been concerned to make this screen increase come accompanied by Exclusive dials for this Apple Watch model that just take advantage of this feature. These spheres are Outline and the new modular duo . Another point that this generation adds by having a larger screen is the possibility of typing more comfortably on a keyboard , just like iPhone users do, although unfortunately, this keyboard is not currently available in all countries.

How could it be otherwise, it has all the features that the Apple Watch Series 6 already had, and among which we highlight the always on screen , that is, the screen always on. This feature really came with the Series 5, however many users of that model saw how the use of it had a direct impact on the autonomy of the device, a situation that Apple already solved in the Series 6 and that you can also enjoy in this Series 7, but with a little novelty and is that now when the screen is off, it will have a 70% brighter indoors .

Fast charging, is it noticeable?

The battery of Apple devices is always a point of debate between users of the same and those who do not. With this new generation of Apple Watch, the Cupertino company has not given its watch greater autonomy than that of the previous generation, but it has made this Apple Watch Series 7 enjoy fast charging which, without a doubt, delights all its users.

Apple Watch S7 charging

To take advantage of this fast charge, users who purchase this watch model have to make use of the included charging cable in the box of the same, but in addition, they will have to purchase or use a power adapter that supplies at least 20W of power , since if you use the corresponding cable with a smaller capacity adapter, the Apple Watch will not enjoy this fast charge. Apple has done this thinking of all users who use their watch to sleep and, in this way, be able to monitor sleep. Since the autonomy of the device is not good enough to last more than 2 days at full capacity, in fact, Apple says that it has a autonomy of 18 hours of use , in this way with a few minutes of charging, you will have your watch at 100% to continue using it without problem.

New colors and finishes

Since the Cupertino company presented its first smartwatch, the only thing that users had seen in terms of colors was the addition, in recent generations, of new shades, but two colors almost emblematic of Apple were always present, such as silver and space gray Well, on the one hand, to the blue and red that Apple already introduced in the Apple Watch Series 6 generation, now we have to add a new color, green, which has a very dark hue that makes it really elegant.

Review Apple Watch Series 7

On the other hand, and as we mentioned, two colors as identifying the Cupertino company as silver and space gray have been modified, both their name and the color itself. The silver is now called star white slightly changing its color towards a more beige tone. In the case of space gray, the change is more noticeable, it changes its name to Midnight making the color now practically black, although at certain times and depending on the light that hits it, a shade of dark blue may appear, but regardless, this color is undoubtedly much darker than the traditional space gray. Therefore, after the inclusion of the new green color, and the change from the typical space gray and silver to midnight and star white, the colors available to purchase the Apple Watch Series 7 in its aluminum version are the following.

    Midnight. star white Green. Blue. Red (PRODUCT RED).

Apple Watch Colors

Leaving aside the aluminum version, the rest of the more premium finishes that the Series 6 had are still present now in this Apple Watch Series 7. In this way you also have the watch available in Stainless steel , with three different colors, graphite, silver and gold and on the other hand, the one who is made of titanium is available in color space black and natural .

Health, an important factor

Surely the biggest turning point that the Apple Watch has generated in users is in the health section. It is a device that has broken the barriers of the purely technological and has even been able to save lives thanks to the different functions it has. On the one hand, it is a watch that encourages you to be on the move, to play sports, and on the other, it is capable of keeping you informed of extremely important vital signs. We continue to talk about all of this below.

keep on moving

The first contribution made by the Apple Watch to health was and is to encourage all its users to lead an active life, or at least, to introduce a little more movement and sport every day. It does this in several ways, first of all, through the famous activity rings, which are the following.

    Movement, in red. Exercise, in green. Standing, In color blue.

These three rings close each time the watch wearer is able to reach the daily goal. that has been established. In the movement section you can mark the daily calories you want to burn to reach the goal, the same with exercise, which marks the minutes of daily physical activity and standing, which establishes the hours in which you have had a minimum movement. Obviously, each user can vary the objectives of these three rings depending on their needs and the demands they want to make on a daily basis.

Activity on Apple Watch

The activity rings are not the only element that the Apple Watch has in order to encourage sports and daily activity, but it is also capable of sending you a series of reminders or notifications to encourage you daily to meet these objectives. To do this, you can use different applications to measure your exercise, but again Apple makes it very easy for you through its own training application where you have practically all the sports that you can practice in your day to day. Besides, you can also share your training results with your friends to establish different competitions between you, not to mention the badges that you will get as you train with the watch.

Available sensors

In the health section, and in line with the entire sports and movement section that we have talked about previously, the Cupertino company has been incorporating different sensors into its Apple Watch, with the aim that this is no longer simply a watch to receive notifications and measure physical activity, but also a device that helps you know your state of health. In this case, the Apple Watch Series 7 has the following sensors.

    Blood oxygen sensor. Electrical heart rate sensor. 3rd generation optical heart rate sensor.

These three sensors mean that the user has a series of very important vital values ​​at his disposal. First, the Apple Watch is constantly monitoring the heart rate of the person wearing it, in such a way that if it detects any anomaly, it will notify you so that you can visit a doctor, so that he can confirm that everything is in perfect condition. However, in terms of heart rate this does not stop here, since with the Series 7, people can get a electrocardiogram whenever they want to be able to be aware of their heart health and, again, in case it detects any anomaly, to be able to go to the doctor so that he or she can do an examination of the person's health status. These two heart rate sensors have managed, to date, to save the lives of numerous people with heart problems, something that is really incredible.

Apple Watch blood oxygen

We continue talking about sensors, and now we go to the blood oxygen sensor . This was the great novelty that Apple presented with the Series 6 and that, of course, the Series 7 also incorporates. Until recently, anyone who wanted to know their saturation level had to resort to specific medical devices, however, now the Apple Watch is capable of measuring you properly and giving you information about your blood oxygen saturation.

fall detection

Without any doubt, the Apple Watch is a device that e It is designed for all sports lovers , regardless of type. In fact, as we have mentioned before, the watchOS own Training application incorporates numerous different activities, and with each system update, the Cupertino company continues to increase this catalog.

However, there are some sports that are more dangerous than others and that carry an intrinsic higher risk of falling. Well, the clock too will be able to identify when you fall and, if necessary, will call the emergency services for you so that they can help you in a critical situation. Initially, what the Apple watch does is send you a notification asking you if, after the fall, everything is fine, if so, all you have to do is answer the question it asks you and that's it. However, if after the fall you cannot move or have even become unconscious, after a few seconds after the notification of the Apple Watch, this will be the one who sends a notification to your previously established emergency contact and even to the emergency services.

Other features

We have already told you about the news that this Apple Watch Series 7 presents compared to its predecessor, we have also told you everything that this fantastic device has related to the health section. However, this Apple watch does not stop there, fortunately it already has more interesting features that you have to know and that we are going to tell you about next.

Do you need independence from the iPhone?

Something that has been available on Apple Watch for some time is the ability to give it almost total independence from the iPhone , that is, to have the possibility of buying the Apple Watch LTE , which has a somewhat higher price than the Wifi version, but which allows you to access the internet or make calls when the watch is not connected to the iPhone.

iPhone and Apple Watch S7

This possibility is something that many users use on a daily basis because the Apple Watch offers them the functions that they previously required at certain times from the iPhone, but that now they can use in a device that is always on their wrist. Above all in focus to people who they go out to play sports and they don't want to carry around the iPhone, but they do want to be able to make calls in case of any possible emergency.

Power is not a problem

One of the checks that the entire tech community does every time a new device comes out is to check what chip do you have and, above all, what power does said chip provide. In the case of the Apple Watch Series 7 really Apple has not carried out a revolution , in fact, although with a different name, we could say that it mounts the same, or practically the same processor that the Apple Watch Series 6 already enjoyed .

Apple Watch Series 7

However, as we said, this It is not a problem given that the power required by a device like the Apple Watch does not mean that the chip it mounts has to undergo a renewal every year, since, for example, at a functional level the Apple Watch Series 6 and Series 7 do exactly the same, for which surely, one does not require more power than the other and hence Apple has not practically renewed the chip that mounts this new watch.

Prices of all models

We are reaching the final part of this review and, obviously, it is time to talk about all the models that are available as well as their prices. At a functional level, all Apple Watch Series 7 models are exactly the same, only the material of the case varies as well as its size. Also, you have to know that the prices that we are going to show you below are the base prices of the cheapest Apple Watch models within each collection, since, depending on the strap you choose when buying your watch, the price of the same will vary according to it . Here you have all the models and their respective prices.

    Apple Watch Series 7 with aluminum case.
    • 41mm case: from 429 euros .
    • 45mm case: from 459 euros .
    Apple Watch Series 7 Nike Edition with Aluminum Case.
    • 41mm case: from 429 euros .
    • 45mm case: from 459 euros .
    Apple Watch Series 7 with stainless steel case.
    • 41mm case: from 729 euros .
    • 45mm case: from 779 euros .
    Apple Watch Series 7 with titanium case.
    • 41mm case: from 829 euros .
    • 45mm case: from 879 euros .
    Apple Watch Series 7 Hermès.
    • 41mm case: from €1,299 .
    • 45mm case: from €1,349 .

My experience with the Apple Watch Series 7

Fortunately I can tell you in first person the sensations with this new Apple Watch Series 7 since is the watch i am using since Apple launched it on the market on October 15, 2021. So that you can put my experience even more in context, you have to know that I come from using a Series 4, so the change is more significant than those users that can make the jump from a Series 5 or Series 6.

apple watch face

The first thing that caught my attention was the screen , both because of its new size, I enjoy the model of 45 mm , as for the brightness that this one has Really, if you get to notice that increase, especially if you use spheres that take advantage of that extra millimeter of the Series 7. Also, coming from a model like the Series 4, the screen function always on or always-on display it has also made the experience of using the Apple Watch even more positive.

At the sensor level The reality is that, despite having blood oxygen measurement, this is not something that you are going to use in your day to day life beyond that if at any time you are curious to know, but it is not something that you go to mark the user experience from one model to another, as long as you do not have health problems, obviously. Another novelty that I am enjoying the most with this new Apple Watch model is fast charging . For all of us who use this device to monitor our sleep, knowing that with a few minutes of charging before going to sleep you will be able to fill the autonomy of the device is a real relief and, above all, one less worry.

Apple Watch Series 7 orange

Finally, and another of the key points, not only of this Apple Watch, but of all models, is the possibility of control all your daily activity . In this aspect, this watch is only capable of facilitating you and helping you to have an active and healthy lifestyle, although it is true that there is no variation to the experience you already had with the Series 4.

At this point, we must answer the eternal question of, Is the Apple Watch Series 7 worth it? and the answer is obvious, yes but with nuances . For all those users who have an Apple Watch Series 4 or earlier, the jump to Series 7 is highly recommended. However, for all those who today have an Apple Watch Series 5 or Series 6, the reality is the change is not going to be significant and surely the most appropriate thing to do is wait for a new version that, at a functional level, does that brings news regarding these two models.